Apr 262012

Funny story for you tonight.  I took this photo as I was trying to think of what to write about, and then it came to me.

A few years back my oldest son  Zach 28 and my youngest son Tyler 16 were hanging out in the family room watching moulan rouge when Zach had the great idea to explore the island across the bay from our house.  It was the end of November, perhaps the beginning of December, the ice was frozen and the snow had freshly fallen.  Zach told Tyler to go put some clothes on, Tyler never wears clothes, he insists on hanging out in his boxers.  They went into the garage and got the snowshoes. As they headed out to the lake Tyler started to sink in the slush of the lake.  This wouldn’t be a problem if Tyler was wearing boots with his snowshoes, but being the stylish dresser he was, unfortunately he wore his favorite pair of leather shoes.  😛 Tyler wasn’t thrilled that his shoes were getting wet but he didn’t let that deter his journey.  He hustled to catch up to Zach who was on solid ice.

I should probably set this story up a bit before going any farther.  Before  the boys left the house they had made a pact.  If for any reason they were to run into trouble, they would deal with it together.  No Man Left Behind.  This plan came about because my middle son, Ian, had adventures in the past and would always take his best friend Colin along.  why you ask?  Because Colin wasn’t as fast as Ian.  Ian’s philosophy was  “you only need to be faster than the slowest runner” When I asked him what that meant he replied,  If a bear was chasing him it would get Colin before it got him.

Zach and Tyler made it to the island without incident and then the adventure began.  They got to mid island when they started hearing branches breaking as though there was a badger or bear nearby.  Most would have turned back, but not my smart boys, they trudged forward.  They came upon a dark area of the island, it resembled the rain forest from the way they explain it.  They heard more branches breaking and a low, moaning that grew into a growl and as it grew it became extremely loud. Zach turned around to tell Tyler that they should probably head back.  Tyler was nowhere to be found, he had heard the growl and remembered Ian’s motto…  Tyler was definitely faster than Zach.  By the time Zach arrived back to the house, Tyler was back in his boxers sitting on the couch with Zach’s very nervous new bride.

Isn’t it good to know when your brother has your back?  🙂 This story gets brought up often at the house, usually by Zach referring to his brother as a coward… Tyler prefers to think of himself as the faster smart one.

Now for the joke of the day…..

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  4 Responses to “You Only Need to be Faster than the Slowest Runner”


    He is not faster! And I caught up to him within 100 yards. The jerk abandoned me!


    Hmm, that’s not the story Tyler tells. 🙂


    I caught up to him before he was even off the island and yelled at him. Of course he would lie.


    He also said you were scared lol

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