May 242012


It was an amazing week in Overland Park, KS during the Machine Quilters Showcase 2012.    We viewed the most intricately quilted masterpieces.  The quilt to the left was quilted and pieced by Sharon Schamber, it won Best of Show.  It was magnificent in every aspect.  If you have never had an opportunity to go to a quilt show and see these pieces, you should put it on your bucket list.  You will be so inspired.

My very good friend Claudia Pfeil took solitaire award for her quilt Turtle Bay.  This is an award given to a quilt that has been pieced and quilted by one person.  It is a huge award, we are so very proud of Claudia.  She had no clue that she would win this award, it was actually hilarious when they announced her name, I was sure she was going to spill her bottle, that’s right I didn’t say glass, of wine all over us.  No, Claudia does not have a drinking problem, it was an evening of celebration and she brought wine to share.  She has a pretty big purse, she kept pulling bottles of wine out of it… it was like the magician’s hat.  🙂  fortunately my room-mate Norma Riehm  had her swiss army knife with her, it had a cork screw on it.  That’s right girl scouts, you have nothing on us quilters, we are always prepared too.   hee hee hee



Turtle Bay by Claudia Pfeil has over 40,000 swarkovski crystals, the entire quilt was made from the finest silks.  The Turtle were cut from a special had dyed (german style) fabric.  the sea weed was made from organza, and the batting 100% silk.  the entire border was raw edge applique.  This quilt took Claudia an entire year to design, scale, piece, quilt and embellish.  It was spectacular.  I volunteered to white glove, mostly because I really like to touch the quilts and see the back side.  In case you don’t know what white glove is, when at a quilt show you are not allowed to touch the quilts.  They have volunteers who wear white gloves and are allowed to touch the quilts and show the backs to the public.  Often the backs are as beautiful as the fronts.  I spent a great deal of time at this quilt, there was a continuous crowd around it, each person waiting to get a view of this years unveiling.  Claudia is well known for her show quilts.  the theme this year for the show was Under the Sea, thus the turtle theme.   Thats it for tonight, check back tomorrow for the auction, I have a photo of a few items that you will be in awe of.

Leave a comment, I’d  like to hear what you think of these quilts and the women who made them.

below is claudia and the magical purse, LOL



this quilt won as well,   I will be posting more photos later today as well as part 2 of mqs 2012.  I wish I had taken all the info on all the quilts that were entered.  They were all so amazing.  If you know who created the scuba boy, would you please comment and let me know?



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