Jun 032012

Baxter and Birdie, totally humiliated!

Recently I have been leashing my dog Baxter to the beach on our property, it all started 3 days ago.  My husband looked out the window and saw more geese and baby goslings than we could count.  He went totally crazy, Dave is very particular about our lawn.  He takes pride in his care of the lawn and shoreline.  When he saw the geese overtaking our yard, he summoned his beagle, Birdie, to go chase them away.  Birdie has a temperament that resembles a wall flower.  She is very gentle and a bit passive, so it came as no surprise to me when she ran out the door and sat on the deck stairs to watch these families of geese.  He even tried the …”Get Em”…  which would have gotten our yellow lab ( who passed away 4 years ago) chasing and possibly swimming after them.  Not Birdie though, she looked at Dave with a look that said “get over it pal”.  I was laughing on the inside a bit more than a little.  Hmm, what would be his next mode of action?

He looked at me, I was really hoping he wasn’t going to make me chase them away.  I was pretty comfortable on my lawn chair watching this escapade.  No, he told me to go get the Bastard!  Okay, I need to give you a little insight on this.  I have this precious dog we call Baxter, he is 3 years old and has been a tremendous help in redoing our landscaping.  Last year I posted on Facebook a sweet photo of him. It was an advertisement for excavator for hire, call 1-800-my daddy’s pissed, well I think you get the picture.  Baxter dug a hole 4×3 feet and about 18 inches deep in about 10 minutes, the day after we had the yard landscaped.  Needless to say, Baxter has not touched my husbands heart the way he has touched mine.

Baxter Master Excavater

When Dave had me get Baxter, I took off his invisible fence collar so he wouldn’t get shocked chasing the geese….so baxter wouldn’t get shocked not Dave.  It probably wasn’t a great decision.  I could not catch that boy once he got loose.  He chased the geese and then headed out to the neighborhood.  Perhaps we should have been more specific when we said “Get Em!”  Once he got the geese off our property, I caught a glance of his back-end right after I saw a chipmunk booking it.  Then I got in my car and started driving through the country roads looking for him.  He was like Pepi Le Pew…remember that skunk who was always in love back in the 60’s saturday morning cartoons?  Not that he was all amorous or anything, but he hopped through the neighborhood like that.  He chased bunnies, squirrels, got into it with a fox, geese from a different family, neighborhood dogs and a table at a rummage sale up the block.  He was gone for 2 days, every time I thought he would come to me, he would take off in true Baxter (Cairn Terrier) fashion.  Once I even got the door open and asked if he wanted to go for a ride…. he stuck his head in and then turned around and took off for more adventure.  This all happened on Thursday, I hoped he would come home when he was hungry.  Friday morning I had errands, so I drove through the neighborhood and found him.  I opened the door and before I could even get it opened he was off to chase bunnies.  I did the errands and returned home to find him on a leash in my neighbor’s yard.  Baxter had obviously heard there was a yard sale, found a table he wanted, had no  money so did the next best thing.  You got it, he marked it. ” Mine”! Yup I’m sure that’s what he was thinking, Mine.  So they caught him and gave him to my neighbor for safe keeping.  When I arrived home, my neighbors were at the end of their driveway and laughed when I told them my part of the story, they told me the sale part… I’m a bit embarrassed and will be baking apology cookies this week.  So long story longer, LOL, Baxter no longer has free rein and is leashed on the shoreline.  I know he is sorry, but I also know given the opportunity he would do it again. After all that is what he was bred to do, dig and catch prey.  Oh and I am pretty sure I need to bring plants to put in some of the holes he dug, I just hope they aren’t tree size.  Have a great Monday!  If you have a fun story, please share it with us.

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    I am glad Baxter is home safely. Our Kota could go into the excavating business with him. She has dug a few major holes under our deck. In fact, after all the Memorial weekend rains, I am pretty sure she tried swimming in one. She was mud from head to toe!


    That is AWESOME! Too funny! Thank you for the Monday morning laugh!


    Ha ha ha, I don’t laugh or get a real good chuckle too often. Boy I did today! I was thinking of getting my two golden retrievers a “little buddy” like Baxter ……..for comic relief, and to really ‘rock their world’………now not so sure they could handle him! ha ha

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