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Zachery was a character from the day he was born.  He was wise and had a sense of humor like no other child I know.  We lived with my parents for the first 20 months of his life and then I got an apartment for the two of us.  We moved to Applewood West apt #206 , remember what I said yesterday about never forgetting our firsts?  It was a brand new building and it had two bedrooms.  Zach and I were each others world.  I worked and went to school, my parents watched Z guy.  In the evening, Zach would climb into bed with me and read as I studied.  We took frequent trips to McDonald’s for a small fries or an ice cream cone. We lived in that apartment for 4 years, until the year Dave and I married in 1986.

the summer we left, my dads heart broke

Dave had been accepted into medical school, so our journey was just beginning.  Within 1 year of our marriage, we packed up our car and two children (Amy was born in February)  and headed south to St Paul.  Dave would continue his last two years of medical school at the University Hospital.  Once we were all settled, I noticed Zach seemed bored and somewhat down.  We had been searching for friends for him but had no luck.  Did I mention Dave was really shy?   I packed the kids up for a walk and corralled Dave in, and we were off to explore potential playmates for Zach.

John and Sandy with their grandchild

We began our walk up one street, cut across another, down a street.  My eyes searching frantically for a child for Zach to play with.  Ah ha, I spy three boys on a front porch.  I bent down and coached Zachery what to say, I didn’t want him using his unique humor quite yet on these young boys.  He walked over, I was feeling pretty good, I had found him friends about a block from our apt.  Zach turned back to us and started to approach us, his face wasn’t hard to read…. disappointment was written all over it. He told us the boys had said mean things to him and then laughed at him.  I felt my duty to explain to him that some children have mental disabilities and I was sure that was the instance here.  I know, not nice…. but I was trying to protect my sons self-esteem.  I glanced across the street and there was a man working on a roof.  I walked up to him and asked if he had any children about that age, I pointed to Zach who was now 6 yrs old.  He said, “Yea, as a matter of fact I think he’s close by.”  He yelled for Logan, my heart stopped and prayed that Logan was not one of those horrible boys across the street.  Relief, out from the back yard runs a sweet young man about Zach’s size.  They hit it off immediately. We then asked the Dad whose name was John, if we could take Logan with us.  There was no hesitation, we were such a good-looking family LOL, John told Logan to go have fun.

We walked quite a bit that day, listening to Zach tell Logan about the poor mentally handicapped boys who seemed to have turrets ( I know, my bad), until the boys became tired.  We brought them back to our house to play and I baked cookies.  Our apt was 1301, I guess you don’t forget your seconds either…or maybe I am a number savant.  It was a first level corner unit at the far end of 5 complexes.  each complex had 48 units in it.  I bet you are wondering why this is so important to our story.  Well, when Logan’s mother came home and asked where Logan was, John’s reply was “I sent him on a walk with a nice family”.  Because remember in those days it was not nearly as bad as it is today.  Johns wife Sandy asked where we went, and John replied, “don’t know, but they told me they lived in one of those apt over there.  Logan knows his way home.”

Sandy went searching and almost immediately found us, I had left the screen door open on that hot August day, again it was august 6…must be a lucky day for me.  Sandy hopped over the balcony and asked if we had Logan.  We said yes and I invited her in for cookies, cause I make the best chocolate chip cookies.  And that my friend, was the start of a beautiful friendship.  Zach and Logan had many adventures, but they simply could never compare to the adventures I had and continue to have with my best friend Sandy.  John became my second husband of sorts.  He was the most wonderful, kindest man, so full of facts that we called him Grumpa google.  John Passed from complications of cancer May 1, 2011 and will always be missed.  His memory warms my heart daily.  He taught me how to appreciate the simple things, an eagle flying above, a hawk(funny how I never noticed the birds before.), a good book.  When ever I would come for a visit, I would yell “Honey I’m Home!” and he would always great me with a huge hug and Kiss. A few facts that I find amazingly Godsidental… Both of our wedding anniversaries were on the same day, July 19.  They were married 9 years before us.  Johns birthday was the day after mine.  Birthday twins and anniversary twin.  It’s now been 25 years, I no longer call her my friend…she is my sister in my heart. This is an important part of my life and a story that needed telling.

New York City with Sandy

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    Ah… what a sweet story, Kelly! LOVE it!

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