Nov 052012

Recently I have been enduring some family trials and hardships.  I had thought I was handling everything very well until I met with a family friend for coffee at McDonald one strange Saturday afternoon.  After we got our coffee I told him that we should drink our coffee while walking around Menards, he was a guy so I didn’t have a difficult time convincing him.  As we walked and talked he began to notice something that I had ignored, i had lost my joy and replaced it with anger and resentment.  Fortunate for me, I had this dear friend who held me accountable.  Fortunate for him, he has a friend who doesn’t take offense when held accountable.  When we parted ways I drove home searching deep within myself how I could recover the joy in my life and get rid of the anger and bitterness.  The answer was clear, I needed to ask for forgiveness from God and give forgiveness to those that I was angry with.  Hmmm, how easy was that going to be, cause I was still pretty mad!

I spent the rest of the afternoon working on my quilts, cause that is my best source of therapy.  It is also a way that I can isolate myself from the world.  I generally find this time helpful to listen to God, sometimes he talks to me in a still, soft voice, other times he is screaming at me to listen as I try to ignore Him.  I know I shouldn’t ignore Him, it’s just that sometimes His answer is hard for me to facilitate…cause sometimes I’m stubborn.  I know, you never would have guessed that about me.. right?  and sometimes its just too hard cause I like being mad… but on this particular occasion I heard his voice loud and clear, I needed someone to pray with me that I would be able to give forgiveness.  I had a plan.  I would go to church in the morning and go up front for prayer when the service was over.  Now I know this may make some of my readers uncomfortable but something really amazing happened and you need to hear it.

I really Love my LORD with all my heart, and I know that I let him down and amazingly despite my flaws, He loves me beyond anything I could possibly fathom.  So I got up bright and early and went to church. I took communion and found my place in the back of the church, sitting next to my cousin.  I sit here because if any of you know me well, I am habitually late (I think that’s why my cousin sits there too) !  I listened to the service and felt that I needed to go forward for prayer when they called the service team up front.  Everyone but a gal in her 20’s had people to pray for, and I decided that she was too young to pray for me.  I decided to wait until someone else became free. but every time someone became free, I would take the steps forward and the only person open was that girl in her 20’s.  Finally it was like the holy spirit pushed me forward, I stood in front of this young woman.  I shared my story of hurt and anger.  She began praying for me, for my family, for my anger… and suddenly she said ”  this is very strange and I don’t understand it, but God is showing me a … a…. it’s a crazy quilt.  I am at a loss.  I don’t quilt, but the message I am getting is that you aren’t going to make this quilt.  This is His gift to you.  He is making it right now for you, and it is beautiful, it is your family.”  I was in tears, we finished the prayer and then I turned to her.  I told her that she had no way of knowing that I was a professional quilter and had a business in quilting.  She looked, I think the word would be Blessed!  God had used her to reveal something she didn’t understand but I did.  I told her how a crazy quilt is made up of scraps that would have been discarded, irregular shaped and sized of fabric sewn together that otherwise would have made the trash pile.  I saw this as My Heavenly Father telling me that my family would be coming through these trial stronger and complete.  The scarlet thread that held the quilt together was God weaving his hand in our lives.  It is a beautiful picture.  Here is the funny thing, I’ve never made a crazy quilt, now my interest has peaked and I may have to give it a try.  Just thought you might enjoy the story.  Have a great week and watch for the scarlet thread in your life, you’ll be amazed how often you will find it. 


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    This is a beautiful story, Kelly!


    Where’s the “like” button? Very nice story Kelly. 🙂


    Kelly, what a beautiful story. While reading, it made me think it was wrote about me. Thank you for sharing.


    Wow! What a beautiful story, Kelly! Lots of inspiration here! 🙂

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