May 072012

l thought it would be best to start out todays blog with a bit of humor.  I spent the weekend laid up with back spasms.  I woke up in the morning and felt just fine.  I started to get dressed and suddenly felt like I had a Charlie horse under my shoulder-blade.  My husband made me lie down flat on my back, gave me some flexeril and left me alone.  Unfortunately, I was not alone, he had forgotten my three cats in the room with me.  Daphne, my 11-year-old black kat, started licking my face.  All I could think of was how the cats were going to eat my face while I lay there and no one would know until it was all over.  I was yelling for someone to come get the cats off me, I was in too much pain to even push them away. Scary thing was Ramos, my barn kitty who weighs about 12 pounds, was liking his chops and drooling on my face.  I appreciate that Dave wanted me to rest. I appreciate that he gave me some pretty sweet meds.  I don’t appreciate that he left face eating cats in a closed room with me.  They were bound to get hungry sooner or later.  Today I am feeling a bit better, not 100%, but probably around 75-80% .  So to all those who knew I was under the weather, I thank you for your good thoughts and prayers.  Good Night.

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    Sorry to hear this, Kelly! Hope you’re better today!

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