Mar 092012

  I started out my day with my lovely 17-year-old daughter.  We headed out to her high school to hand in home work, pick up 4 of her close friends, and head off to hockey tournaments.  Funny thing was, when we started out the day I had no idea she volunteered to drive 4 complete strangers ( aka. her close friends ) to tournaments, and they were all young men.  I worked at learning their names while they played the ABC game–a sort of i-spy for consecutive letters in the alphabet.  We turned on the DVD when they got bored and they were treated to a wonderful show of Dora the explorer.  I thought it was a joke till I looked in my rearview mirror and saw one of the boys, Evan, had the headphones on and was singing along. Keep in mind these are 18-year-old young men.

This was the just the beginning of a wonderfully fulfilling day.  After dropping off the boys, we headed to my son Tyler’s, dorm room.  He was anxiously waiting for me to pick him up after midterms.  Laundry in hand, because what college student does their laundry at school?–we headed to the car.  Now when I say laundry, I likely understated the actual situation.  Allow me to draw a word photo for you.  I own a Honda pilot; it’s a fairly large vehicle.  It can fit 4 complete strangers and all their luggage for a long weekend, and coolers full of food.  A middle-aged woman, who has aged very gracefully, her 17-year-old daughter, and luggage for a month ( because that’s how much luggage we need for a weekend; you must always be prepared!).  Okay, now take away the 4 strange young men…I mean strangers, and their luggage and food.  Lets now add a young college student and his laundry, unbelievable…. 

Me: Is all this laundry yours Tyler?  Tyler: Yeah, I haven’t had a chance to do it all semester, or actually last semester either. Do you think I should wash my sheets?   Me:  When was the last time they were washed?  TylerNever, I don’t think you bought very good quality sheets.  They are pilling a little.     REALLY TYLER!   So 20 minutes later, after we had packed up all the dirty clothes, sheets and God knows what else was creeping in those laundry bins, we were headed back to the car to reload.

Sami had made arrangements to hang out with some friends, who she actually knew, so we were off to tournamentville once again.  Once Sami was safe and sound with her group, we headed to my friend’s house, where we were staying, and proceeded to do a little ( and yes, I use that word very loosely) laundry.

While we were waiting for the laundry to wash and dry, and wash and dry, and … well you get the idea, Tyler and I took a short nap and then went to dinner at a very sweet restaurant in Roseville called the Cianti Grill.  We enjoyed a wonderful Calamari followed by Walleye Palante and Cajun Chicken Penne.  You really need to try this place for dining: it is next to Har Mar Mall off of Snelling Avenue in Roseville Minnesota. Our discussion was precious to my heart as we talked about his faith walk and beliefs.  What a blessing to have children who aren’t afraid to be vulnerable and express themselves.  I digress, after dinner we went back to do yet more laundry.  Tyler now informs me that he must have a parasite.  He seems to feel that he is always hungry. Tyler tends to be a bit of a hypochondriac.  His complaint is, even after having a fulfilling meal, he feels as though he still has hunger pangs.  He has made me promise to make an appointment for him before we leave for New York on Saturday morning.  Tyler is so concerned that he now begins to search the internet for advice… he has bookmarked webMD on my laptop.  When my husband, who is a physician calls, Tyler is desperate to talk to him about his health revelation.  Even after my husband tells Tyler not to worry, Tyler is still noticeably anxious about his parasite problem.  Unfortunately, as a child I would tease him and tell him he must have a tapeworm because he is so thin, now he thinks he really does.  Reminder to Kelly…call Dr Manney in the a.m.

Now all this may seem a bit boring to those of you who are reading today.  I am sorry if it is, but today was a day that truly blessed me.  I had an opportunity today to listen, and actually hear my children’s hearts and dreams.  I had an opportunity to serve them today because I wanted to, and I enjoyed it.  I had the opportunity to also talk with 4 of the nicest young men for approximately 3 hours today.  I made memories that my children will hopefully have gleamed from, and one day share the same type of day with their children.  Today I was their mom, whom they were not ashamed or embarrassed of.  Today is today, and tomorrow we will likely be back to business as usual, but I will then remember yesterday as it was today.




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    I’ve a meal or two at the Cianti Grill…me sister lives less then two blocks from there. My brother-in-law and myself walk there for lunch when I visit…love it.

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