Apr 222012


I must give my apologies, I have been out of commission for the last month and a half.  It has been a great spring despite the fact that I have been ill, having vision problems and taken vacation. But here I am, back to post fun facts and stories that will hopefully keep you entertained for a little while.


Gabriella and Cinderella

I recently took a vacation to Orlando Florida with my family,   which  include my two grand daughters Audrey (Audrianna) 2                                and Gabby ( Gabriella) 5, and it was magical.  We visited Disney  World and Gabby and her mother stood in line for an hour and a half to see the princesses.  The short 8 minutes that followed that very long wait made the entire trip a success for Miss Gabby.  She met Belle, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella.  A few days ago I mentioned that there was a play at UMD that was about Cinderella, her reply was ” Cinderella? I know her!  She will remember me!  I’ll say… Hi Cinderella, it’s me Gabby again.”  I smiled and thought, make a mental note to never forget that moment.  I know it will remain in her memory for years to come.


Audrey did not fair as well at Disneys Magic Kingdom.  Audrey had a flair for the swimming pool at the resort  as well as Suess Landing in Universal Orlando.


I had such great fun as I watched Audrey as she played alone in the pool.  Audrey doesn’t have problems making friends, children are drawn to her, she played alone because no child wanted to stay in the pool for the full 6 hours that audrey did.  She was an amazing fish girl, filled with such energy.  Everyone around her was smiling at her fearlessness and her huge personality, her laughter echoed through the pool.  I watched her intently to be sure she didn’t get sun burnt, how funny was it that I am the one that burnt?

Suess Landing was great fun as well. Both girls enjoyed a water park, one fish two fish, a spin on the cat in the hat ride and a ball park.  At the ball park the girls collected hand size soft balls and shot them out of cannons on the second floor.  They then would ride a spiral slide down and collect more balls and start again.  Of course, we had to top the day off with some crispy cremes… 2 dozen to be exact.












We adults took time to hit a comedy club, a couple of nuts were headling in a club in south point mall in Orlando.  Really great food and hilarious  comedy show.  My brother Greg and I were in stitches, definitely not a PG rating though.  It was awesome to see my brother and his daughter and her children.  This was a very much needed vacation, and now I am back and ready to hit the quilting world again.  First thing I am doing… Setting up my new Fusion Handi Quilter Long Arm machine.  I can hardly wait to start up again.  Stay tune for more stories and quilting ideas.  Thanks for checking back!   I do this blog for you, to encourage, entertain and share a bit of who I am.  Have a great week and we will see you soon!!!!






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