Jun 242012

Zach definitely my most mischevious child!

A few posts back I had eluded to the fact that the move to Minneapolis was not the last move for our family.  As Med School graduation quickly approached, so would our move to Hershey, Pa.  It was actually a fun move out to the great farm country, home of the Hershey Chocolate Bar.  My brother Greg came along to help with the drive east.  Zach enjoyed driving in the big truck with Dave, and Greg and I laughed the entire way to Hershey.  He is quite the comedian, actually our entire family has quite the flare for humor… usually at someone else’s  expense, unfortunately.  We made fun of just about everything on our way to our new home.  Greg even helped us settle in once we got to Hershey.  It was a very magical and frightening time for us.  The city has a magic about it that is hard to explain, you actually have to experience it, very much like Disney World.  There are street lamps that are shaped like Hershey kisses, the air smells of chocolate.  July is a busy time in Hershey as the tourist industry is high, the new medical residents start flooding in to start working at the medical center.

Zach had a great time during the years that we lived in Hershey. I always made special sugar cookies with almond frosting when his birthday came around, they were his favorite for school treats.  One year he came home and told me that his teacher liked the cookies so much, she was wondering if I could make them again for the next day.  Off to work I went baking cookies, it was my only real outlet with 3 small children at home.  The next day Zach went off to school with the cookies.  I met the school bus that afternoon and Zach had an unusual spring in his step as he got off the bus.  I looked at him and was so pleased at how happy he looked.  I attributed it to good parenting and nurturing.  Late that night I went into his room to see how he was doing on his homework.  That is when I noticed all of these dollar bills on is floor along with loose change.  I asked him what it was from and he replied, and I must add very proudly, “I sold the cookies and got all this money!”  My response was as you probably guessed, “You did what?” .  Zach explained how when he brought the cookies to school, some of the teachers said they wished they could buy cookies that good.  So Zach being a young entopunuer figured that they could buy them, from him.  I made him return the money and stopped making baked goods for him to take to school.  It did stroke my ego that they were willing to buy my cookies. Hmm, how does Mrs. Hanson’s cookie sound?  Watch out Mrs. Fields!

We had many more adventures with Zach, perhaps he will share some of them in the comment area.  If you want to be sure to see when posts are up, or comments are made, sign up as a follower and you will be notified via email.  FYI, Zach actually ended up in Sales as a career, he is pretty successful as well.  I guess that shouldn’t come as any surprise to us.  If you have a similar story to share, please put it in the comment area.  I love to hear your stories.  Have a great Sunday!

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    Haha great story, completely forgot about this one!


    O… M… G… Hahahahaha!

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