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As I was driving home today I began thinking of the journey I have taken in life with my children.  Zachery was my first-born when I was 19 years old.  I was unmarried living with my parents, therefore lots of love and support for both of us.  I met my husband, Dave , when Zach was 9 months old.  It is a funny story. We had known each other in high school but hadn’t seen each other in 4 years or so.  I was at a wedding and  was talking to my husbands date, Sandy Webber, she had a baby shower for Zach and was asking how things were going.  I was telling her how big he was and that he was starting to walk around furniture.  My husband came into the conversation about the time I was telling her he would trip over his ears ( he had huge ears, we would call him wingnut).  Sandy went out to dance and as soon as she left Dave asked me out.  I thought it would be fun, but was still a bit gun-shy, so I suggested that we go on a date with Zach.  Here comes the funny part….Dave asked where I would like to go, I said the zoo.  He asked me if they would let Zach into the Zoo.   I am thinking Dave is a Moron right about now, and I reply ” of course, he loves to chase the ducks.”  He replies, “You let him chase the ducks?”, cause he thinks Zach is a dog.  I reply, “sure, he has never caught one. ”  Our conversation goes on like this for a while, until our dates come back.

Dave called me about 1 week later, still under the impression that Zach is a dog ( I have no idea that is his thought, and am so confused what the zoo issue is.)  He decides we will go on a date to a play, Camelot.  When he comes to pick me up the playpen is hidden behind the door as it opens, my mothers 5 dogs are jumping up on Dave.  With each jump of the dog he asks  “is this Zach?”  finally I shut the door and my precious bouncing, toothless, bald baby boy who is dressed in only a diaper because it is a hot and humid August 6,1981, is drooling over the side of the playpen.  Dave’s face was priceless, and then he told me who or rather what he had thought Zach was.

Once over that obstacle we headed to the play which was at UMD, there are many ways to the college, and Dave took one I was not familiar with.  We got 3/4 of the way to the play and I noticed that he was bringing me along skyline parkway, which is where many couples watched submarine racing (if you know what I mean).  I turned to him and proclaimed ‘ I hope you don’t think I am that kind of date, just because I have a child!”  to which his reply was…. Jaw drop, silence, “Kelly , this is the way I take to UMD”  oops, my bad.  😛   We went to the brass phoenix after the date and he had a gin gimlet and I had a 7up, I was still breast-feeding. (LOL, I suppose he could have gotten me for false advertising…once I finished nursing I could have easily worn a training bra)  We discussed our life’s dreams, where we had been the last 4 years and where we were heading.  He told me he didn’t kiss goodnight on the first date unless he felt something special and I said good thing cause he would have been slapped.  The evening ended wonderfully and Dave proved to be quite charming.  As he walked me to the door we were still talking and I was not expecting a kiss goodnight. I turned to go in and he took me into his arms and gave me a soft gentle kiss and said he would call tomorrow.  I went inside and headed to my room which I shared with my sister, along with a bed.  My sister had waited up and asked how the date went, I looked at her and said I think he’s the one I am going to marry.  We have been together for 31 years this august 6, and it has been the ride of a lifetime! That’s what I call a Love Story.   Check back tomorrow when I will share a hilarious Zach story.



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    Now that’s a Love Story! Congadulations

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