Feb 112016

My favorite quilts to make always include children.  My grand children adore their special blankies, and hopefully the baby’s who have been given my quilts cuddle with them as well.   

I’ve recently been preparing for 3 special babies.  Two of them were born a week apart, and due to a broken arm, I’m just now getting their quilts done.  

It’s always fun to personalize.  This quilt is a grandma quilt, my best friend from high school needs a special quilt at her house.  She isn’t had her first grandchild, “it’s a girl”.   

You wouldn’t know, but a lot of time, effort and expense goes into every quilt that leaves my home.  The steps are: choose fabric and pattern, cut fabric, piece fabric, choose batting and backing, cut batting and backing, choose designs to quilt, load the quilt, quilt, bind and apply label.  In this case I added an extra step, embroidery.   

In this case I used cuddle by Shannon fabrics.  It makes a lovely quilt that is soft and yes…cuddly!  

As I begin quilting I alway do it the hardest way, the way the Amish would.  I learned this from Karen McTavish and it resonates each time I approach my long arm.  I stitch in the ditch and stretch my skills, after all, that’s how we improve.

I own a fusion Handi quilter long arm, it has a computerized system, it has capability to do freehand with just a flip of a switch. This quilt will be computerized as I’m still recuperating from a broken arm. 

Computerized means it still needs an operator, much like cruise control in a car, you still have to drive it!   It take lots of precision and measurement/placement.  

And when it is finished, it’s beautiful!  What do you think the price on something like this would be?  If you said priceless, you are absolutely correct, a labor of love for little Allison Owen! 

Happy Quilting my friends!


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