Jan 032015

When I looked into their eyes I saw a thirst for learning that we don’t often see.  These two ladies worked for hours and didn’t stop until they had completed their task.




Yes this is the quilt these girls made for their daddy. It was really awesome, tonight my brother David asked me how long ago the girls had made it. He was amazed when I told him it was about the end of September or so. The girls, who by the way aren’t great secret keepers, hadn’t let on that they had anything special for him.



I just thought I’d post the photos so you could see the gals at work.
Here is the day he got the quilt, can you see the year in his eye? This my friends is pure love.


Jan 022015

I love to quilt, it relaxes me and gives me a feeling of accomplishment. I really couldn’t imagine anything more satisfying. I couldn’t, until I looked at my brother as he snuggled up with a quilt that his 11 & 15 year old daughters made him for Christmas.

The girls were talking about what they wanted to do for his gift, I asked them if they would like me to teach them how to make a quilt and they jumped at the opportunity. 8 hours later they had worked at completing a lovely rag quilt for their Daddy.

It was pretty humorous as they would bring it in to his room, as he snuck an afternoon nap, to measure its length on him. They completed it in October and kept it a secret until Christmas when he unwrapped it.

They watched him, eyes glued to him as he took it out and saw what they had created just for him. His lip quivered, a tear in his eye, a smile that spread from one ear to the other on each
of the girls faces. They had delivered the perfect gift. A gift of the heart that will be treasured for a life time. And this is why I quilt, I will never forget that moment, and neither will my brother.


May 072012

l thought it would be best to start out todays blog with a bit of humor.  I spent the weekend laid up with back spasms.  I woke up in the morning and felt just fine.  I started to get dressed and suddenly felt like I had a Charlie horse under my shoulder-blade.  My husband made me lie down flat on my back, gave me some flexeril and left me alone.  Unfortunately, I was not alone, he had forgotten my three cats in the room with me.  Daphne, my 11-year-old black kat, started licking my face.  All I could think of was how the cats were going to eat my face while I lay there and no one would know until it was all over.  I was yelling for someone to come get the cats off me, I was in too much pain to even push them away. Scary thing was Ramos, my barn kitty who weighs about 12 pounds, was liking his chops and drooling on my face.  I appreciate that Dave wanted me to rest. I appreciate that he gave me some pretty sweet meds.  I don’t appreciate that he left face eating cats in a closed room with me.  They were bound to get hungry sooner or later.  Today I am feeling a bit better, not 100%, but probably around 75-80% .  So to all those who knew I was under the weather, I thank you for your good thoughts and prayers.  Good Night.

Apr 232012

Pam is squaring up her very first quilt block

Recently, I have given lessons to many beginner quilters.  They begin by learning correct pressing techniques,  the importance of precise and safe cutting with the rotary blade, the use of all the different tools, and why 1/4 inch seam?  I always have to share when ever that last question comes up.  When I made my very first quilt, I was self-taught, and I made the quilt with 5/8 inch seams.  Not only did it drastically reduce the size of my quilt, but it added much more bulk to the quilt than needed.  LOL…(laugh out loud, not lots of love…thats another story.)  I always teach how to read a pattern, the secret is one step at a time.  So often, we read the entire quilt pattern and then become completely frazzled and overwhelmed.  I don’t want you to think this is a bad idea, on the contrary, reading the entire pattern is a good idea.  It gives you a sense of the direction you are going in making the quilt.  The next step however is take one step at a time.  When the last step is done, move on to the next.  I also never cut my borders or sashing until my blocks are made.  The reason behind this is, you don’t really know how big your blocks or your quilt will be until after it is together.  I will be giving border and sashing instruction tomorrow, so check back for that info.

Once we have completed all the above info, we have a new problem, where so we go for our patterns?  I always suggest trying some free patterns before going out and buying books.  This way you will know the type of quilting you like before you invest.  There are strip quilts, star quilts, applique quilts, quilt as you go quilts just to name a few.  This way you may also be able to find out which designers you like as well.

I find that Miss Eleanor Burns is one of the best designers for the beginner.  Her patterns are simple and concise.  There are illustrations that are in color, and she has different color ways for every pattern.   This is helpful for those who have a difficult time imagining what a pattern would look like in color ways that aren’t displayed.  If you are on facebook, you must like Eleanor Burns quilt in a day page.  When you do, you will have access                            to a free Block of the month club (BOM)  You can get backdated blocks and then you can take a photo of it and enter it in her monthly block drawing and win a prize.  nifty isn’t it?

If you are looking for more freebies… check out on facebook the following pages:

Quilting on the Square, Quilt-Pro Block of the day ( they will email you a new block every day)  there is a place called freequiltpatterns.com , and did you know that you can google various fabric companies and go to their sites and find free patterns?

I hope this was info you valued.  If you have any info you would like me to cover, leave a comment, its easy.  go to the top right of the page and hit on the add comments, right below the services and tips and info tabs.  Also you may want to subscribe, if you enter your email you will be notified of any new posts and info .  You will also receive  discounts when using my services.

I heard a cute joke the other day…

An elderly man was talking to his children about his last wishes.  They asked his what type of service he would like. His reply was ” kids, I want you to cremate me and sprinkle me over moms favorite quilt store.”  the kids were stunned, and then he finished. ” that way I will be sure she will visit me often.”    🙂   Have a great evening and remember, there are worse things than being called and old sew and sew.



Feb 162012

manchester mansion

Today I have spent my time loading a complex and beautiful quilt onto my long arm.  It has taken hours listening to the quilt, telling me how it wants to be quilted.  Oh sure, I hear your laughter, you are thinking Kelly is a bit crazy. But seriously, if you look at a quilt for a bit, you can sense what it needs for quilting.  I have never been one to over quilt, I like a nice suptle feel to my quilt, so this has been a difficult decision.  The quilt is called manchester mansion, it was a pattern put out in 2005 in quilt designers magazine.  Do you have a quilt that you took your time listening to before you quilted it?  If you do, please post a photo, I’d love to see it.


Feb 122012
Kristi made this quilted pillow for a friend who comments on how she liked it. This is true selflessness, isn’t that the definition of a quilter?

Now and then I create a quilt that really tells its own story.  Approximately 3-4 years ago, I made such a quilt.  This quilt was made from scraps and told a love story.   I brought it to a favorite salon, that I frequent for massage, for show and tell.  My young massage therapist, Kristi, was absolutely facinated with it.  We began to talk about the aspects of quilting and the great reward, as well as therapy that finishing a quilt brings to the soul.  Kristi  had an old machine that belonged to her mother, she had difficulty sewing with it, so I suggested she try a machine that I had in storage at home.  The machine was a Janome 4800 computerized machine with so many stitches that I think Kristi was a little overwhelmed.  She thought that the fact that it had the entire alphabet in 3 fonts was not too shabby either.  After I saw her reaction, I could not help but simply gift her this machine.  It was indeed one of the best investments I can say I have made in years.  This young mother has created so many beautiful quilts, pillows, and misc items.   It warms my heart each time she brings in another show and tell item, and the best part…. she gifts most of them.  What a treat to have watched the birth of  a quilter.  She was kind enough to send me some photos via email so I thought I would share them with you.  I am sure you will appreciate them as much as I have.

Isn’t this a fun quilt? I think this may have been her second

She prefers quilts with a kick, no boring quilts from this girl.

isn't this a great backing?

kristi has an eye for putting colors together



This is a story book quilt, inside each frame there is a storybook character



isn't this backing delicious?



































Amazingly,  she definitely took it upon herself to research and learn. Her first stop was the internet.  Here are the blogs she 







How many seasoned quilter forget to put labels
on their quilts? This was impressive 

 Kristi also found very quickly that she liked certain designers, and she has consistently found new exciting fabrics to make her quilts.

Her favorite designers are….

Heather Ross

Anna Maria Horner

Laurie Wisburn

I am really proud of this young mom, who by the way is due to have a baby boy any day now.  She is a real inspiration.  I hope her story will inspire others to put the fear of something new aside, the world is your palate.  It amazes me how many different and unique styles I see as I instruct quilting classes, and how inspired I become by my students.

I want to give a special thanks to Kristi and her husband Casey for organizing the photos and sending them my way.  And I would also like to publically wish them the best on the birth of their new son Ezra.

Leave a comment to encourage Kristi.  If you feel inspired by her work, let her know.  If there is something you

this is such a fun pillow, it has a trick which make applique really slickKristi made this quilted pillow for a friend who comments on how she liked it. This is true selflessness, isn’t that the definition of a quilter?
Jan 022012

Did you finish a UFO this year? 

How long did it take you to finish it?  What it makes it so hard to finish some projects and not others?  If you finished one, post a photo. you can send it to my facebook page and I can post it if it doesn’t post for you.  I really want to hear about it. 

My unfinished Fabric object of the year is a stained glass quilted wall hanging of the nativity. It consists of three seperate wallhangings. I will post it as soon as I fiqure out where to hang it.    The reason why it took so long to finish?  I kept getting side track by projects my children and grandchildren wanted me to do for them.  Such a sense of accomplishment.  It is so beautifully stunning.

Your Turn….

Dec 252011

On the twelfth day of christmas, my true love sent to me,
twelve prewound bobbins
eleven scissors snipping
ten yards for backing
nine ladies sewing
eight maids a mending
seven simple patterns
six micron pens
Five Spools of Thread
Four size 12 needles
three rotary blades
two pressing sheets
and a seam ripper with ergonamic grip.

Merry Christmas!

Dec 192011

Christmas is a time for giving, and there are so many people out there in need.  

It might be your neighbor, one of your child’s friends, a stranger in a nursing home or hospital, or even some one without a home.

What can you do this season to influence someone’s life? 

I have a few quilts around the house, I think I will head to the nursing home and find an elder who hasn’t had a visitor in a while and gift them a quilt and sit and chat for a bit.  I love to invite people to my home who are transplants, no family in the area, so they don’t have to spend the holidays alone.

Have you ever been blessed by a meal being brought to your home?  Time to pay it forward.

Just a thought on this wonderful season.

Dec 142011

I spent much of the last two days constructing a gift for my nephew. I’m sorry to say that it was 4 years in the making.

He chose pattern and the fabric 4 years ago, and there it sat on my cutting table for probably 6 months.  Untouched, I moved it to a plastic container for my “things I need to get done”.

I couldn’t understand why I just didn’t do it, until last night.  You see, my father passed away 3 years ago.

Josh was very close to his papa, and papa adored Josh. When my dad passed, I asked mom for some of his shirts.  I have now made 6 quilts from his clothing, I sort of feel like Jesus with the fish and loaves.  Remember how he multiplied them when he had to feed thousands?  Same with this fabric, it seems to multiply.  As I was making this gift, I started putting away some of the fabric that was chosen and replacing it with papas shirt fabric.

Enough said, you be the judge, comment on what you think.

Here it is, and if you know Josh, this is a surprise for him. I don’t think he thought it would ever get made.

I can hardly wait to see the look on his face.

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