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Pam, Kelly and Sue are showing off their awesome strip quilt blocks.




4545 Berg Rd. Duluth, MN. 55803

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    Hi! I’m may be interested in your block of the month club, but I don’t see any photos of what will be created. Perhaps participants will be choosing something from the book you mention?
    Is the $25 a registration fee with an additional monthly cost, or is the cost is $25 each month? (Seems a bit steep unless you are also providing fabric compared to other block of the month clubs I have taken.)
    Can you provide any more detail as to what can be expected?

    Carrie W
    Island Lake


      Carrie, the block of the month club was 2 years ago. I will consider doing another if there is interest. I will provide a pattern once a month and you use your stash fabric. This will be offered at the low cost of $0! Yay!!! Remember to leave your email address to be a subscriber so you don’t miss out on any new posts


    I’m wondering if you make t-shirt quilts for a cost?


    Hi. Sorry to disturb you, but I’m wondering if you are the gal who posted onto the Patty Cake Shop page? That person said she had the frosting recipe- which I would LOVE to have!
    If In fact it is you, please be kind enough to share.
    Thank you!


    I need to be contacted regarding an order I purchased in FB..please contact me.

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