Apr 242015


I had the best day today!  A group of ladies from Wisconsin and myself had  the opportunity to take a whole cloth quilt class from Karen McTavish.  I’ve taken classes from Karen before and walked away from class with a better sense of who I am as a quilter, but today was different.  Today I walked away with a sense of accomplishment and confidence, today I walked away with a sense of the quilter I have the potential of becoming.

To many of you this may seem like the same thing, but it isn’t.  Karen has the ability to encourage and give you the desire to “Do it the hardest way” , ’cause that is what the Amish do.  She has used this phrase each time I have taken a class from her, and each time I have stretched myself just a little bit farther.  Today I created the Masters masterpiece, a whole cloth quilt.  I designed it and drew it out on fabric.  My next step is Trupunto and then quilt it.  Am I excited?  You bet your cute little a$$ I am.  Am I a little afraid?  absolutely! But not so frightened that I will store it away.  Indeed, expect to see this little masterpiece at a judged quilt show.  Did I mention , Karen gave me confidence in myself today?




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    Sounds so fun – I need to get to Duluth for some of this quilty action!!! Looking forward to seeing your quilt!

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