Dec 202011

I always have last minute shopping to do, but in the wee hours of the morning I don’t always feel like hitting the stores.

Here are a few ideas for gifts for your loved ones. 

Do you have a piece of fabric that you really like?  do a little free motion on it and put it in a frame.  It makes a great gift and you may be surprised at the reaction you will get from your loved one.  I recieved one like this from Angie Hayworth years ago and it sits in my sewing room in its frame, I really treasure it.

Another great idea is make a pin cushion.  You can use your scraps or choose a special fabric.  You can find numerous patterns on   include some pins with the cushion, can we ever really have enough pins?

Last but not least, every quilter is in constant need of rotary blade and needles.

A quick run to your local fabric store, and waalaa, a perfect christmas gift.  Its always a good idea to look around for the best prices.

Micheals often has a 40% off coupon, Hancock currently has a 40% off coupon, and often times walmart is very reasonably priced.

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    hey 🙂 what design are you currently employing for this one? (this exact website) I kinda enjoy this and I was wondering if this is readily available.


    thanks, I am appreciative that you left a comment. anything you would like me to touch on?

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