Dec 112011

I have been really blessed this last week.

Two very special women finished very special christmas gifts and I was fortunate enough to be a part of it.

Carol Goodman, a 70 year old grandmother, desperately wanted to have a tshirt quilt made for her granddaughter who just left for college.  We had a consultation and her eyes filled with tears.  She told me it was too expensive for her.  It took only a few seconds for me to tell her that we should have her make it under my guidance, greatly reducing the price.  She jumped at it. ( that was 8 weeks ago. )

Yesterday we delivered her finished project, all quilted and ready to be a gift that will warm that young girls heart for years to come. The greatest part of it all?  Carol feels she was given the greatest gift, she was able to fulfill a wish of her granddaughter and now Carol has a skill that she will use over and over again.  This is a fun story, it goes to show, you are never to old to start something new.  Carol was a great student and she assures me she will be back for more punishment under my guise.  LOL

A friend called this week to see if I could quilt a tshirt quilt for her.  It hadn’t been made yet, so I asked if she was going to stabilize it.  I asked her to call me.  Long story short, we got together on Wednesday and started from scratch, cutting up the shirts, stabilizing with shape flex, pressing and sewings.  Waalaa… 10 hours later we were looking at a magnificient quilt that jackie had made.  It is always great to fullfill a dream for a customer, its even better the joy you feel when seeing their sense of accomplishment.  The Back of this quilt was as pretty as the front.  Her daughter will not only be surprise by deeply touched by her moms sentiments.  I knew this young lady as she grew up with my son, it wwas truly an honor to be a part of creating this gift.

So you see,  its never too late, you’re never too old, and it is great therapy to make something for someone else.  Your blessing will be great and the joy infinite.

So if you know someone who would benefit from some private lessons, a gift certificate to your local quilt instructor is a great gift, or a fabric store.  My children alway love when I make them their gifts, They get to wrap my love around them all year.  Kind of like security blankets for adult.

Have a great day!

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