Apr 282012

With Mothers Day fast approaching, I thought it would be fun if all the moms who read my post would comment on what their favorite mothers day was.  Maybe you will comment on the meal, the gift, or a funny story.   I remember when I was just a little girl in 6th grade, I had broken my moms favorite bowl.  It was a sort of aqua green with a white flower border. I recall her making everything from cookies to mixing her meatloaf in it.  I felt so horrible I saved my allowance and  went to Gambles ( a store that was on the main street in Morgan Park, a suburb of Duluth)  searching for a bowl.  It couldn’t be just a bowl, it had to be the bowl I broke.   I was not able to find it in aqua, but the shop owner (Bob) and  I found one that was blue with a similar border on it.  It is so funny how I can still see the isles in the store, it was sort of overstocked and difficult to find what I was looking for.  When I found the bowl I felt like it was a great bounty.  I don’t know if Mom still has the bowl, but if she does I think that I will mark my name on it in permanent magic marker.  LOL  Good memories.  Lets fill our day with good memories today!  Leave the things we can’t change behind us, and keep smiles on our faces.  Sometimes its the small things that stay with us, the gifts that are given from our heart.  I hope many of you post.   Posting is easy, click on the comment in the top right of the web page and it will bring you to the comment area.

 Have a great weekend, I am off looking for prom dresses for my daughter. How do you think she would look in a patchwork quilted prom dress?  🙂   I’m certain it would make her year.  LOL I’m off to the Twin Cities.  Toodles

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