Jan 182013

I was listening to the news tonight, snuggled up in my nice warm bed under a multitude of quilts.  As I listened I saw that the weather was going to be turning bitterly cold in the next few days.  The next story that was given was the homeless rate among teens and young families.  I know this is sudden, but would you consider donating a winter jacket or warm blanket /quilt to one of our excellent community resources?  If you live in Duluth, these are some of the establishments you can drop off at.  Domniano on fourth street and 2nd ave west, chum center on 1rst ave W and 1rst street, Union Gospel Mission on first street and 2nd ave east, Encounter bldg @ 201 E 1rst Street.  I am also sure that many area churches and schools would take them as well.  Other items that are needed are mittens, scarves, hats, socks, boots, snow pants… you get the idea.  and if you have a pillow to give up, those are appreciated as well as sleeping bags.  If you don’t have time to drop off, give me a call and I will be happy to pick up and drop off for you.  If you are from another area of the states, would you please consider organizing something in your neck of the woods?  Now that Christmas season is behind us, we often get back to our lives and forget about those less fortunate.  Thanks for considering and Have a safe and warm evening.  Please leave comments to help others know where help is needed and where they can drop off life saving garments and misc.

Kelly <3

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    My son mentioned that underwear is also appreciated, he has worked in shelters in minneapolis.
    Many thanks.

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