Feb 162012

manchester mansion

Today I have spent my time loading a complex and beautiful quilt onto my long arm.  It has taken hours listening to the quilt, telling me how it wants to be quilted.  Oh sure, I hear your laughter, you are thinking Kelly is a bit crazy. But seriously, if you look at a quilt for a bit, you can sense what it needs for quilting.  I have never been one to over quilt, I like a nice suptle feel to my quilt, so this has been a difficult decision.  The quilt is called manchester mansion, it was a pattern put out in 2005 in quilt designers magazine.  Do you have a quilt that you took your time listening to before you quilted it?  If you do, please post a photo, I’d love to see it.


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    OK, I’ll try again. I made my husband a quilt top for Christmas. It was a theme quilt that I designed at our LQS in a class about sampler quilts. It was about our trip to the 3 bears cabin in Arkansas in 2004 when our grandson was 4. I include some pictures of the trip as well as log cabin mountains, a french braid bottom, checkerboard, etc. I just finished quilting it on my sewing machine last week and brought in to the shop for show and tell, and they took a picture that I have tried to attach. So I posted a Q&A about how to do this. On my way to a quilt retreat in the morning – third annual – and need to get some rest now. Loved your quilt btw. Donna K


    thanks, i have some fun posts coming.


    creating your blog is fairly simple, you can go to godaddy.com or google blogspot. the instructions are pretty complete and easy to follow. I usually write for two or three hours a night for posts. other than that, pretty fun. hope that helps.


    thanks. I appreciate your comment


    thanks, what is it you like about my blogging

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