May 082012

Did You Know?

Sewing Machine Accessories, like the machines themselves, had their
successes and failures.

One gadget that never quite caught on was a musical sewing machine
cover, patented in 1882, that held a player-piano roll and was run by
treadle power. The treadle also activated a sewing machine fan patented
in the 1870’s and marketed for a dollar.

Among wackier devices was one that actually was used in the 19th
Century England,that is until the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Stepped in. It was a sewing machine powered by small leashed dogs on a kind of treadmill.

Did You Know? Thomas Edison supposedly invented another sewing machine, tho his
biography makes no mention of it…that worked on voice power.
A membrane mounted level with the operators mouth transformed sound
waves into energy.

One pair of scissors, invented in France, boasted 18 different
uses! It supposedly served, among other things, as a straight edge and
ruler, a nail file, screw driver,a pen knife, a glass cutter, a wire cutter, an
ink eraser, a pattern perforator, and a cigar clipper.

Just thought you would think it was interesting.

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