Nov 042011

Do you ever wonder why your borders on your quilt are wavy?
Do you just cut a very long strip and apply it on your quilt and cut off the excess?
Do you square up your blocks as you go so they are the same size?
Do you cut your sashing into wof strips and sew them on and cut as you go?

If you find yourself having problems, I have a solution for you.

First.  Always square up your blocks before constructing your quilt.

If you are working with the same size blocks, you will be less likely to have problems with a square quilt.When you place the sashing on your quilt you should be sure to measure through the center of your blocks for correct measurement.

Do the same when you place your borders on and you will find your quilt will be square.
The trick is measuring through the most stable part of your quilt… which is alway the center.

*Never cut a long piece and apply as you go, you will end up with a quilt with dimples and puckers and possibly have to redo for the quilter. 

Now, go out and play in the sun… its beautiful out on the lake

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