Jun 222012

 We received the call at 7 am, Zach’s house was taking on water from sump pump overload and he couldn’t keep up with it.  My heart sank, not just for Zach but for all the others who were waking to this same issue.  We turned on the television and saw the mass destruction that we could never even of dreamt of.  Our City was in a State of Emergency, and it wasn’t ending soon.  Roads collapsing, sinkholes errupting, entire communities under water… it all seemed to sureal.

Now that the storm has passed and the aftermath of clean up has begun, I am thankful that more lives were not lost.  As we read the papers we see blame passed to officials, organizations and individuals for many of the problems that arose.  Maybe we should spend less time pointing fingers and more time being the solution.

I stand amazed as I look at the devastation that occurred during the great rain storms of 2012.  Who could have ever imagined zoo animals perishing?  Seals and Polar bears escaping, being swept away by the flash floods, fortunately found safe and sound.  Homes engulfed in water that could not escape their yards.  Businesses with loss like they have never known.

A deeply loved landmark collapsing among the rapids, Jay Cooke Infamous swinging bridge.  Our great canal lost in the oceanic waves that have taken many a ship to the depths of Lake Superior.  So much we are still unaware of in the way of destruction.  Today I lift up prayers of  comfort to the families of the drowning victims in Wisconsin, prayers of endurance to the endless list of families with water and sewage damage from this mighty storm.

Today I write to encourage and embrace the weary and the broken.  I am asking that we unite and lend that helping hand to others in need.  Today, take a moment to comment, leaving names of people in need so we can get help to them.  So we can lift up prayers for them.  So we can lift them out of despair  in their hour of need.  Will you join with me to lend a hand of friendship, a neighborly touch?  I haven’t posted photos, they are all over the internet.  Those photos are of things, today let’s focus on the people.  Is there someone you can reach out to?  Don’t assume someone else has, you may be all that someone has.  Do it today, don’t wait.  I pray you all recover from the storm that was and look to the future of the hope we have.  Will You Join Me Today?  If you know of someone in need, please leave their name in the comment area.  And please, please share this post.  It could mean the world to someone.

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    You are so right, Kelly! Instead of pointing fingers, we should be using those fingers to lend a helping hand. Also, people don’t always ask for help, so just offering help is a step in a positive direction.


      well said Ida! And with all the flooding, we know that there are people who need help and are not as fortunate as my son Zach, who had people to help him.
      thanks for your input and encouragement! You are the best Ida!

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