May 252012

I started my post yesterday with the awards event, I dismissed the day before so I thought I would touch a bit on that. Classes started at 8 am on Monday morning, so it was an early rise day.  I was sitting at a table when I heard some one say my name.  It was Ida Houston, we were friends on facebook and had never met in person. It was wonderful to meet her, but unfortunately due to the hectic week, we didn’t see each other again…. so i guess its back to facebook until the next conference.  I did run into another familiar face, Claudia Pfeil.  She was desperate to finish binding 9 miniature quilts that she had for a class she was teaching.  So together with Norma Riehm and Karen Mctavish, Claudia finished the binding and counting & separating of the crystals for her class.  It was great fun to reacquaint with old friends and meet new ones.  I actually met Mark and Mary from Quilting on the Square.  Mark recognized me from facebook , it was so great meeting them . If you haven’t had a chance  to check out their online  store you should do it immediately after you read this post                    



    Myrna Ficken was my first instructor, here she is pictured holding up a quilt she was demonstrating techniques on.  It was simply beautiful on front and back.  If you want to see true talent, you really need to go to these shows.  Karen Mctavish was on hand as well.  She has 4 books and a DVD out, you need to check them out.  They are a must have for any quilter, you will not regret having them in your quilting library.  If the name sounds familiar, it should.  She has a popular quilting technique named for her, Mctavishing.  We have all done it, and she created it.  Best of all she is a Minnesotan, great talent even comes from our neck of the woods.  Janet Mctavish  has an art exhibit that is being displayed, I’m not entirely sure where but if you google it, I’m sure you will find the info.  I had promised more  quilt exhibit photos, but they will have to wait until tomorrow.  I am currently in Hershey Pa and the internet is giving me problems posting photos.  Have a great evening and a fun-filled Saturday.  below is a photo of our first sunset in Kansas, beautiful…simply beautiful.



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    Aw, you are so sweet, Kelly! And, you are so right – people definitely need to get to these shows!


      The only way we will better our skills is to expose ourselves to quilters who are better than us. We become inspired and challenged to do more than we dreamt we could. I am so excited to enter my first quilt, I am designing it now.



    I was nice meeting you and great having you in class.


      thank you Myrna, I look forward to utilizing your techniques when I get home from Pennsylvania.
      I really enjoyed your classes and love your samples.

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