Jun 012012



MQS was a week filled with such excitement and anticipation for the week ahead.Everyone was excited to begin classes, see the  show quiltsvisit the many vendors, and reconnect with old and make new friends.  One of my fondest memories was of Norma Riehm, Claudia Pfeil, and Karen McTavish trying to speed sew on the bindings for Claudia’s class “Rhinestone Quarry”  a class which I am pleased to say I was a part of.  Claudia had shown us the art to careful placement of the swarovski crystals, my piece has over 1000 crystals on it and it is only a 9×9 inch piece.  Great fun and lots of information.



Here is a photo of my piece, the picture doesn’t do it justice.  If you notice, at the bottom of the piece, Claudia left her signature in quilting.

She always goes above and beyond the call to make her class extra special.  I added a llittle color with some gel pens and it looks wonderful on my sewing studio wall.




Norma took classes from Sherri Rogers-Harrison on her Ink-lique and Paint-lique classes.  Here is a photo of her masterpiece.  Isn’t it spectacular?

And of course, we can’t forget the nightlife….. so many women, so few appetizers ( and I do mean food, not men.)  Here we are sitting in the lounge, gabbing till the wee hours of the evening. ( I think we headed back to our room by 10:30, we are party animals. LOL)  A relaxing, yet powerful week with some really fantastic women and men. ( that’s right, real men do quilt…isn’t that right Mark Pfeiler?)

Tomorrow I will end my MQS posts with a bit about Market in Kansas City, it was amazing and the new products are so cool.

ladies of the lounge

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