Oct 212012

As I sit on the plane on my flight back to Duluth, I reminisce about the week I’ve just had.
I arrived in Portland with the beginning of a respiratory flu that would come to be know as
Typhoid Kelly. I survived on Protein shakes and hot tea, it was the only thing that I could seem to tolerate. I was not about to let that squelch the marvelous time I could and would have as I anticipated attending new classes and making new friends (most important, revisiting with old friends).

I arrived on Tuesday and was met by m brother in law Todd, he was such a gracious host as he chauffeured Norma, Claudia and me around the city. Poor guy, being in the car with 3 very overzealous quilters, it wasn’t long before he picked up on all the quilt lingo. We went to dinner at the Kennedy School Complex, if you are ever in Portland it is a must see.


I was fortunate to take classes with Sherry Rogers Harrison, Claudia Pfeil and Cathy Wiggins.
Sherry offered her Paint Lique’ and ink lique’ classes ( pronounced like applique’) They were not only great fun but relaxing and inspiring! Sherry is one of the all time great teachers, always encouraging and super fun to have teach.


Claudia taught long arm quilting class in quilting the alphabet called “A to Zet” ( Thats how she said it in german). I can’t wait to get home and play on my long arm. Claudia always brings chocolate from Germany, usually filled with alcohol, those chocolates and truffles are amazing.
Claudia also brings her award winning quilts along, she recently had a calendar made of them. I was fortunate to have her gift me one, I love you Claudia! funny thing happened on my way to her class, I nearly missed it. I walked in 35 minutes late because I thought the class stated at 11, where in fact it started at 9. Claudia would never let me live it down, as I tried sneaking into class, Claudia looks up and says ” thank you for joining us Mrs Hanson…were you out late last night? hmmm, Claudia, yes I was…I was with you trying to find a place to make copies for this class! LOL

A little off subject, Claudia was punked by Karen McTavish. While we were making copies for class, Karen called and asked Claudia her password for her computer. Claudia being german innocent, gave it to her. Karen posted how Claudia loved American Politics…she really has a distaste for it. She posted that Claudia had decided to move to the United States, which was hilarious because claudia immediate started getting posts of concern from her aunt, her parents, her children and even her youngest sons teacher. To dispell this rumor, Claudia is not movingto the US…yet. 🙂 LOL



We then had a fun evening of shopping at the boutique that Claudia and I love in Portland, “Dazzle”. A little damage was done to our pocketbooks, the clothing there is gorgeous!


We attended the banquet with brother in-law Todd in tow, poor guy, what he won’t do for his sister in law. The banquet speaker was Kimmy Brunner, she told a wonderfully heartfelt story of three generations of women. Her great grandmother, her grandmother and herself, and the history that quilting had in their family. If given the opportunity to hear this great story, you must not pass it up. Then came the door prizes, and I won! I won a bright orange Ott Light, I am a lucky girl.

Our last day was filled with filling orders for more thread at the vender mall and a class with Cathy Wiggens , who won many awards at this show for her quilt carrousel.

Her class was one of designing your pictorial quilt. It is a whole cloth quilt that is stitched and painted. I have started my design and the ideas are flowing.

Big thanks and hugs go out to Norma Riehm who was the best room mate, look what she made me!


so I am now on the plane home and am anxious to see my family and pets. My apologies to my
faithful followers. My internet has been doing strange things lately so I haven’t posted since July. I’m back on track… please share this with your friends and leave a comment if you like.

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