Oct 212012

As I sit on the plane on my flight back to Duluth, I reminisce about the week I’ve just had.
I arrived in Portland with the beginning of a respiratory flu that would come to be know as
Typhoid Kelly. I survived on Protein shakes and hot tea, it was the only thing that I could seem to tolerate. I was not about to let that squelch the marvelous time I could and would have as I anticipated attending new classes and making new friends (most important, revisiting with old friends).

I arrived on Tuesday and was met by m brother in law Todd, he was such a gracious host as he chauffeured Norma, Claudia and me around the city. Poor guy, being in the car with 3 very overzealous quilters, it wasn’t long before he picked up on all the quilt lingo. We went to dinner at the Kennedy School Complex, if you are ever in Portland it is a must see.


I was fortunate to take classes with Sherry Rogers Harrison, Claudia Pfeil and Cathy Wiggins.
Sherry offered her Paint Lique’ and ink lique’ classes ( pronounced like applique’) They were not only great fun but relaxing and inspiring! Sherry is one of the all time great teachers, always encouraging and super fun to have teach.


Claudia taught long arm quilting class in quilting the alphabet called “A to Zet” ( Thats how she said it in german). I can’t wait to get home and play on my long arm. Claudia always brings chocolate from Germany, usually filled with alcohol, those chocolates and truffles are amazing.
Claudia also brings her award winning quilts along, she recently had a calendar made of them. I was fortunate to have her gift me one, I love you Claudia! funny thing happened on my way to her class, I nearly missed it. I walked in 35 minutes late because I thought the class stated at 11, where in fact it started at 9. Claudia would never let me live it down, as I tried sneaking into class, Claudia looks up and says ” thank you for joining us Mrs Hanson…were you out late last night? hmmm, Claudia, yes I was…I was with you trying to find a place to make copies for this class! LOL

A little off subject, Claudia was punked by Karen McTavish. While we were making copies for class, Karen called and asked Claudia her password for her computer. Claudia being german innocent, gave it to her. Karen posted how Claudia loved American Politics…she really has a distaste for it. She posted that Claudia had decided to move to the United States, which was hilarious because claudia immediate started getting posts of concern from her aunt, her parents, her children and even her youngest sons teacher. To dispell this rumor, Claudia is not movingto the US…yet. ūüôā LOL



We then had a fun evening of shopping at the boutique that Claudia and I love in Portland, “Dazzle”. A little damage was done to our pocketbooks, the clothing there is gorgeous!


We attended the banquet with brother in-law Todd in tow, poor guy, what he won’t do for his sister in law. The banquet speaker was Kimmy Brunner, she told a wonderfully heartfelt story of three generations of women. Her great grandmother, her grandmother and herself, and the history that quilting had in their family. If given the opportunity to hear this great story, you must not pass it up. Then came the door prizes, and I won! I won a bright orange Ott Light, I am a lucky girl.

Our last day was filled with filling orders for more thread at the vender mall and a class with Cathy Wiggens , who won many awards at this show for her quilt carrousel.

Her class was one of designing your pictorial quilt. It is a whole cloth quilt that is stitched and painted. I have started my design and the ideas are flowing.

Big thanks and hugs go out to Norma Riehm who was the best room mate, look what she made me!


so I am now on the plane home and am anxious to see my family and pets. My apologies to my
faithful followers. My internet has been doing strange things lately so I haven’t posted since July. I’m back on track… please share this with your friends and leave a comment if you like.

Jun 242012

Zach definitely my most mischevious child!

A few posts back I had eluded to the fact that the move to Minneapolis was not the last move for our family. ¬†As Med School graduation quickly approached, so would our move to Hershey, Pa. ¬†It was actually a fun move out to the great farm country, home of the Hershey Chocolate Bar. ¬†My brother Greg came along to help with the drive east. ¬†Zach enjoyed driving in the big truck with Dave, and Greg and I laughed the entire way to Hershey. ¬†He is quite the comedian, actually our entire family has quite the flare for humor… usually at someone else’s ¬†expense, unfortunately. ¬†We made fun of just about everything on our way to our new home. ¬†Greg even helped us settle in once we got to Hershey. ¬†It was a very magical and frightening time for us. ¬†The city has a magic about it that is hard to explain, you actually have to experience it, very much like Disney World. ¬†There are street lamps that are shaped like Hershey kisses, the air smells of chocolate. ¬†July is a busy time in Hershey as the tourist industry is high, the new medical residents start flooding in to start working at the medical center.

Zach had a great time during the years that we lived in Hershey. I always made special sugar cookies with almond frosting when his birthday came around, they were his favorite for school treats. ¬†One year he came home and told me that his teacher liked the cookies so much, she was wondering if I could make them again for the next day. ¬†Off to work I went baking cookies, it was my only real outlet with 3 small children at home. ¬†The next day Zach went off to school with the cookies. ¬†I met the school bus that afternoon and Zach had an unusual spring in his step as he got off the bus. ¬†I looked at him and was so pleased at how happy he looked. ¬†I attributed it to good parenting and nurturing. ¬†Late that night I went into his room to see how he was doing on his homework. ¬†That is when I noticed all of these dollar bills on is floor along with loose change. ¬†I asked him what it was from and he replied, and I must add very proudly, “I sold the cookies and got all this money!” ¬†My response was as you probably guessed, “You did what?” . ¬†Zach explained how when he brought the cookies to school, some of the teachers said they wished they could buy cookies that good. ¬†So Zach being a young¬†entopunuer¬†figured that they could buy them, from him. ¬†I made him return the money and stopped making baked goods for him to take to school. ¬†It did stroke my ego that they were willing to buy my cookies. Hmm, how does Mrs. Hanson’s cookie sound? ¬†Watch out Mrs. Fields!

We had many more adventures with Zach, perhaps he will share some of them in the comment area. ¬†If you want to be sure to see when posts are up, or comments are made, sign up as a follower and you will be notified via email. ¬†FYI, Zach actually ended up in Sales as a career, he is pretty successful as well. ¬†I guess that shouldn’t come as any surprise to us. ¬†If you have a similar story to share, please put it in the comment area. ¬†I love to hear your stories. ¬†Have a great Sunday!

Jun 222012

¬†We received the call at 7 am, Zach’s house was taking on water from sump pump overload and he couldn’t keep up with it. ¬†My heart sank, not just for Zach but for all the others who were waking to this same issue. ¬†We turned on the television and saw the mass destruction that we could never even of dreamt of. ¬†Our City was in a State of Emergency, and it wasn’t ending soon. ¬†Roads collapsing, sinkholes errupting, entire communities under water… it all seemed to sureal.

Now that the storm has passed and the aftermath of clean up has begun, I am thankful that more lives were not lost.  As we read the papers we see blame passed to officials, organizations and individuals for many of the problems that arose.  Maybe we should spend less time pointing fingers and more time being the solution.

I stand amazed as I look at the devastation that occurred during the great rain storms of 2012.  Who could have ever imagined zoo animals perishing?  Seals and Polar bears escaping, being swept away by the flash floods, fortunately found safe and sound.  Homes engulfed in water that could not escape their yards.  Businesses with loss like they have never known.

A deeply loved landmark collapsing among the rapids, Jay Cooke Infamous swinging bridge.  Our great canal lost in the oceanic waves that have taken many a ship to the depths of Lake Superior.  So much we are still unaware of in the way of destruction.  Today I lift up prayers of  comfort to the families of the drowning victims in Wisconsin, prayers of endurance to the endless list of families with water and sewage damage from this mighty storm.

Today I write to encourage and embrace the weary and the broken. ¬†I am asking that we unite and lend that helping hand to others in need. ¬†Today, take a moment to comment, leaving names of people in need so we can get help to them. ¬†So we can lift up prayers for them. ¬†So we can lift them out of despair¬† in their hour of need. ¬†Will you join with me to lend a hand of friendship, a neighborly touch? ¬†I haven’t posted photos, they are all over the internet. ¬†Those photos are of things, today let’s focus on the people. ¬†Is there someone you can reach out to? ¬†Don’t assume someone else has, you may be all that someone has. ¬†Do it today, don’t wait. ¬†I pray you all recover from the storm that was and look to the future of the hope we have. ¬†Will You Join Me Today? ¬†If you know of someone in need, please leave their name in the comment area. ¬†And please, please share this post. ¬†It could mean the world to someone.

Jun 162012

In honor of fathers day, I wanted to post some great photos of my Dad, My brothers, my Husband, and my son who have all been such wonderful examples to their children. I love all of you so very much.  Leave a comment if you have a memory associated with one of the photos.  And Happy Fathers Day!

Thinking of you today DAD!



What a beautiful family … if I do say so myself

have we changed?

a Fathers Love







just shooting the breese

This picture was taken on Fathers Day!








Trisha saying goodbye to papa, precious picture!



papa with Justin and David





Sami with Papa and Gamma

Dad had no idea what greg was up to… LOL

I still remember this day, sledding at the Duluth Zoo

Papa loved Tylers piano skills and was so proud of him!

this is one of Davids Babies…I think


Greg, Justin, Joshua, Ethan and Papa


These were such great times in our lives, they certainly did go by quickly,  almost a blurr in time.  But they will forever stay in our hearts.









Papa so adored Becca


Jun 142012

Grandmas Marathon proves to be an eventful weekend for Duluth as well as area runners, and let’s be truthful, and beer connoiseurs. The tents are up, the pasta is cooking, and the runners have had their last training session. Now is the hour, and for some 8 hours, of truth. Oh, do not misinterpret that comment, I have great respect for those that will be running this weekend. I wish I could run even the 5 mile run, but alas with my RA it is impossible. So to all you runners, Gods speed and good luck. I hesitate to say break a leg because I understand there will be many stress fractures after Saturdays run. So this post is short and sweet.

Remember Fathers Day is Sunday, don’t get so caught up in the race that you forget your Dad. I lost mine 3 years ago on March 1, I wish he was here to celebrate with me. One Fathers Day I especially remember, was 2 years before I lost Dad. I had spent the day at Mom and Dads and had headed home before the rest of the family. My daughter and her boyfriend weren’t too far behind me on the road. Dave had to stop at the hospital to do a history and physical on a heart patient. Ian was driving Sami and Tyler home.

I walked into the house and realized that our puppies needed letting out. We had a gate set up in our kitchen and entry way so if they piddled it would be contained, it was ceramic flooring. I hopped over the gate to put my purse down without any problem. When I hopped back over to let the dogs out, my foot caught on the gate. I was wearing flip-flops and the way the gate caught me I couldn’t free myself. Down I went. I’m not sure what came first, the crunch or the pain. When I fell forward I tried to catch myself with my arms extended. My left arm reached the floor first and took all my weight. Have you ever seen what happens if anything falls on a ceramic tile floor? broken to pieces, right? You got it, totally destroyed my wrist on my left hand. It was a really pretty 90 degree angle. No one was home yet, so I laid there for a moment and then realized I could hear a car running. I tried to get up, but my wrist just dangles and was very painful. I braced my left arm at the wrist, cradling it like a baby with my right arm. I rolled into a sitting position and then got up and headed for the door. I had to open the door with my chin and neck, it was too painful to let my left arm hang on its own. I got outside and saw my daughter and her boyfriend in a bit of a tiff in the car. I walked up to the car and stood there cause I couldn’t knock on his door. This is the good part, my daughter looked at me and said “WHAT!!” I was pretty calm and said “could someone please drive me to the hospital, I broke my arm.” I don’t know if she didn’t hear me, or didn’t believe me, but her response was “just hold on, we’re in the middle of something. ”

Needless to say I wasn’t in the mood to hold on, so I asked Art if he could please drive me. He looked at my arm and immediately realized the urgency, he had no problem leaving right then. Now I’m not sure if it was a good excuse to leave the argument, or if I really looked that pitiful. We got to the hospital and Art looked at me and said “you’re a lot tougher than you look.” I was still pretty calm, probably in shock, I gave the desk my info. Did the insurance thing, and then the strangest thing happened…I nearly passed out. The pain was excruciating. Art stayed with me the entire time, he got ahold of Dave and all the kids for me. I really appreciated his calmness in the situation… I ended up having surgery the next day, I got some new hardware…4 pins. I didn’t tell my dad about it until after the surgery because he had been ill. But one thing I remember, he called me every day to see if I needed anything and to see how I was. Silly me, I asked him why he called everyday because nothing changed. His reply was ” Because you will always be my little girl.” I hold that phrase so dear to my heart each fathers day. Dad, I miss you this fathers day! But I know that you are with me, because that is what daddies do for their little girls. Happy Fathers Day to my wonderful husband Dave whom life would be unbearable without, my Loving Son Zach who always puts a smile on my face, and to my future son-in-law Art who came to my rescue that special fathers day. My blog will resume on Monday after father’s day with a continuation of a mother’s heart. Blessings

Jun 132012

Sandy and I had many adventures when we lived in Shoreview, one stands out for me more than others. ¬†It was a beautiful January evening, the temps were still cold enough to keep the ice rinks frozen but warm enough to skate without a jacket. ¬†(at least for me, Sandy hunkered down in her scarf, mittens, long underwear and down jacket…lets not forget the wool socks ūüėÄ ) ¬†We decided it would be a great night to take the boys skating, Zach , Logan, Travis ¬†and Chris. ( Sandy’s 3 boys) ¬†We got to the rink and made sure everyone’s skates were properly laced and sent the boys out while Sandy and I gabbed as we put on our skates.

I was lacing up my plastic molded skates,( remember when they were the end all? ) when out of the corner of my eye I noticed a young man sitting at the end of my bench. ¬†When I say young I mean about 17-18 years old. ¬†Sandy got her skates laces up before I did so she rushed out to check on the boys. ¬†I continued lacing my skates, never seem to get them tight enough, when I noticed the young man had inched his way right next to me. ¬†I really didn’t think too much of it ,after all we were now the only two in the shack. ¬†I just assumed he was like me and was a people person, always ready to make conversation. ¬†He talked to me about the weather and how beautiful it was, I told him this is the kind of weather I liked taking long walks in. ( a light snow was falling) ¬†Our conversation continued with small talk for about 10 minutes, and then the strangest thing happened….. He asked me which school I went to. ¬†Oh my, I was flattered but also embarrassed. ¬†My reply was ” I go to the school of life.” ¬†He didn’t quite understand, he asked where that was because he wasn’t familiar with it. I nearly died as Sandy walked into the warming shack to see what was taking me, and I was sitting there telling this teenage boy who was asking me for a date that I was married with two children. If I could have taken away his embarrassment I certainly would have. ¬†So here is the clincher, ¬†as we left the rink, he left at the same time. ¬†We took a left out of the lot, he followed. ¬†I took a right onto county rd E , so did he. ¬†I took a right onto victoria street, again he did as well. ¬†I started to panic that he was following me. ¬†As I approached my apt building I put my blinker on to turn left into the lot and he put his blinker on, to turn right into his driveway. ¬†Turns out, he lived right across the road from my apt. ¬†Made for many uncomfortable waves , but never a word exchanged between us again.

Now at the beginning of the story I said it stood out more than others, do you suppose that is because it stroked my ego? ¬†I’m betting it is, Sandy had to remind me the boys were with us. ¬†LOL ¬†Oh and sorry no pictures today, I just didn’t have any that were appropriate so I posted this cartoon. ¬†hope you enjoyed todays post, if you have a great story, I would love for you to post it in the comment. ¬†Have a great day!

Young ice skater girl. Funny cartoon and vector character. Stock Photo - Crestock Royalty-Free, Artist: ddraw, Code: 400-04161589

Jun 122012

Lets recap, Dave and I met. ¬†Dated and got married in 1986. ¬†I posted the photo for giggles, don’t often look at them any more. ¬†That little lady in the blue dress? ¬†My grandma Ruby, isn’t she adorable? The little guy in the tux was obviously Zachery, I think you can figure out which ones Dave and I are. ¬†ūüôā

We moved to the Twin Cities and found some friends for Zach, and had a baby girl too… Now you are sorta up to date. ¬†We were able to stay in Shoreview for 2 years, until the match. ¬†“The Match” is something that med students either look forward to or dread. ¬†Here is how it works. The Medical student goes and interviews for internships at a number of hospitals across the country. ¬†You rank them and they rank you. ¬†If your number 2 choice ranks you number 1 on their list, you won’t be going there. ¬†You have to match rankings. ¬†Dave’s number 5 choice matched him with a 5 so …. well Im jumping ahead of myself. ¬†As I said, you either look forward to it or you dread it. ¬†I was looking forward to it. ¬†I had been praying that we would stay in the twin cities area, close to home. ¬†I told God it was all I would accept as an answer. ¬†So I knew where we were going, I even had confirmation…I found out I was pregnant the night before match, it had to be a sign. ¬†Remember that old analogy? ¬†If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans?

We got to the great auditorium on the U of M campus, and waited patiently as they called off the med students names one by one. ¬†Dave went up and got his envelope, and being the wonderful husband he was, he let me open it. ¬†I can still see the paper floating to the ground as I fell into the seat. ¬†I looked up and said “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!” ¬†Dave looked at me helplessly and said, “you know I didn’t get a choice.” ¬†My reply was, ” I wasn’t talking to you!” ¬†You got it, we were not staying in the twin cities, we weren’t even staying in the midwest. ¬†Our new home would be Hershey, PA.


This added a few other problems to the mix. ¬†Zach had asked if Dave would adopt him, his father had not been an active part of his life for quite a few years. ¬†So we went through the adoption, Zach’s biological father signed his rights away without issue. ¬†We were so excited, one big happy family and it was official. ¬†We threw a small party for Zach and his friends. ¬†We ordered out for pizza and while we were waiting for the delivery, Zach said he wanted to go get a movie. ¬†Dave was more than happy to oblige, after all, he was beaming with pride that this was HIS SON! ¬†On their way out to the car, one of the other tenants in the complex approached Dave and asked if this was his son….. He said “Yes He Is,” his chest all puffed up with pride. ¬†The Man then said, “Well our son threw gum in my daughters beautiful long hair while on the school bus,and now we had no choice but to cut it all of.” ¬†Dave didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. ¬†But what he did do, made all the difference to how Zach would remember that day. ¬†He went and got a movie, we enjoyed pizza with a bunch of his friends. ¬†The next day we talked to Zach about the gum issue, some things just have to wait.

Have a great day! if you have a fun kid story, I would love to hear it.



Jun 112012

Zachery was a character from the day he was born. ¬†He was wise and had a sense of humor like no other child I know. ¬†We lived with my parents for the first 20 months of his life and then I got an apartment for the two of us. ¬†We moved to Applewood West apt #206 , remember what I said yesterday about never forgetting our firsts? ¬†It was a brand new building and it had two bedrooms. ¬†Zach and I were each others world. ¬†I worked and went to school, my parents watched Z guy. ¬†In the evening, Zach would climb into bed with me and read as I studied. ¬†We took frequent trips to McDonald’s for a small fries or an ice cream cone. We lived in that apartment for 4 years, until the year Dave and I married in 1986.

the summer we left, my dads heart broke

Dave had been accepted into medical school, so our journey was just beginning.  Within 1 year of our marriage, we packed up our car and two children (Amy was born in February)  and headed south to St Paul.  Dave would continue his last two years of medical school at the University Hospital.  Once we were all settled, I noticed Zach seemed bored and somewhat down.  We had been searching for friends for him but had no luck.  Did I mention Dave was really shy?   I packed the kids up for a walk and corralled Dave in, and we were off to explore potential playmates for Zach.

John and Sandy with their grandchild

We began our walk up one street, cut across another, down a street. ¬†My eyes searching frantically for a child for Zach to play with. ¬†Ah ha, I spy three boys on a front porch. ¬†I bent down and coached Zachery what to say, I didn’t want him using his unique humor quite yet on these young boys. ¬†He walked over, I was feeling pretty good, I had found him friends about a block from our apt. ¬†Zach turned back to us and started to approach us, his face wasn’t hard to read…. disappointment was written all over it. He told us the boys had said mean things to him and then laughed at him. ¬†I felt my duty to explain to him that some children have mental disabilities and I was sure that was the instance here. ¬†I know, not nice…. but I was trying to protect my sons self-esteem. ¬†I glanced across the street and there was a man working on a roof. ¬†I walked up to him and asked if he had any children about that age, I pointed to Zach who was now 6 yrs old. ¬†He said, “Yea, as a matter of fact I think he’s close by.” ¬†He yelled for Logan, my heart stopped and prayed that Logan was not one of those horrible boys across the street. ¬†Relief, out from the back yard runs a sweet young man about Zach’s size. ¬†They hit it off immediately. We then asked the Dad whose name was John, if we could take Logan with us. ¬†There was no hesitation, we were such a good-looking family LOL, John told Logan to go have fun.

We walked quite a bit that day, listening to Zach tell Logan about the poor mentally handicapped boys who seemed to have turrets ( I know, my bad), until the boys became tired. ¬†We brought them back to our house to play and I baked cookies. ¬†Our apt was 1301, I guess you don’t forget your seconds either…or maybe I am a number savant. ¬†It was a first level corner unit at the far end of 5 complexes. ¬†each complex had 48 units in it. ¬†I bet you are wondering why this is so important to our story. ¬†Well, when Logan’s mother came home and asked where Logan was, John’s reply was “I sent him on a walk with a nice family”. ¬†Because remember in those days it was not nearly as bad as it is today. ¬†Johns wife Sandy asked where we went, and John replied, “don’t know, but they told me they lived in one of those apt over there. ¬†Logan knows his way home.”

Sandy went searching and almost immediately found us, I had left the screen door open on that hot August day, again it was august 6…must be a lucky day for me. ¬†Sandy hopped over the balcony and asked if we had Logan. ¬†We said yes and I invited her in for cookies, cause I make the best chocolate chip cookies. ¬†And that my friend, was the start of a beautiful friendship. ¬†Zach and Logan had many adventures, but they simply could never compare to the adventures I had and continue to have with my best friend Sandy. ¬†John became my second husband of sorts. ¬†He was the most wonderful, kindest man, so full of facts that we called him Grumpa google. ¬†John Passed from complications of cancer May 1, 2011 and will always be missed. ¬†His memory warms my heart daily. ¬†He taught me how to appreciate the simple things, an eagle flying above, a hawk(funny how I never noticed the birds before.), a good book. ¬†When ever I would come for a visit, I would yell “Honey I’m Home!” and he would always great me with a huge hug and Kiss. A few facts that I find amazingly Godsidental… Both of our wedding anniversaries were on the same day, July 19. ¬†They were married 9 years before us. ¬†Johns birthday was the day after mine. ¬†Birthday twins and anniversary twin. ¬†It’s now been 25 years, I no longer call her my friend…she is my sister in my heart.¬†This is an important part of my life and a story that needed telling.

New York City with Sandy

Jun 102012

celebrating Z guys 6 month birthday

The story begins on a blustery september day. ¬†I had awaken that morning not feeling quite right, 19 years old and my belly a full 10 months pregnant. ¬†My grandmother had called my mom and told her that playgirl,her poodle had fallen ill that morning. ¬†My mother raced to grandma and took both her and the poodle to the vet. ¬†Unfortunately the outcome was poor, Playgirl had an infection and they were to give her an antibiotic shot. ¬†They had a dog in another room that they were preparing to put down, it was a larger dog, and my grandmother was feeling sadness for that family. ¬†Playgirl got her shot and seemed almost immediately better, she slept peacefully on grandmas lap on the way home. ¬†My mother helped grandma out of the car and up to her apartment, trying not to wake playgirl. ¬†They set her down on the sofa and grandma went about her usual morning routine. My mom headed for our house just 1 mile away. ¬†Before she got into the door, I received a phone call from the vet. ¬†They had switched shots and playgirl was not sleeping. ¬†My mom came in the door and before I could tell her what had happened, grandma was on the phone telling mom there was something wrong with playgirl, I kept trying to tell my mom but she simply waved me off. ¬†When mom got off the phone I told her what had happened and she immediately went to fetch grandma and the deceased playgirl. ¬†They both came in the door and mom handed me the dog. ¬†“Go dig a proper grave for playgirl” mom ordered. ¬†oops, there is another cramp…must have eaten something bad yesterday. ¬†I had been cramping all day so with all the commotion I didn’t give it a second thought. ¬†I went out in the rain, protesting the entire time, and dug a hole to bury playgirl, it had to take me a good hour or more. ¬†I came back in and mom had me run an errand down the block. ¬†Someone was on Uncle Skip’ phone and she wanted me to go tell him what had happened. ( this is in 1980, at the beginning of the cell phone age, so no one had cell phones.) ¬† I trudged down the hill, only a few blocks, and told uncle skip. ¬†I spent a little more time that usual there, I had to sit down and breathe a bit… the cramps were really getting to me. What the heck had I eaten yesterday? ¬†I didn’t have to worry about being in labor, my doctor had just told me that it would be a few more weeks before I delivered.¬†I went home, helped with dinner, laundry and vacuuming and then laid down on the sofa to watch Laverne and¬†Shirley.

My dad was busy in our rec room refinishing a piece of furniture, so I kept being called in to assist him.¬†The last time he called me in, as I got up, my water broke. ¬†Now, I didn’t think about it until later that¬†night,¬†I had been in labor approximately 18 hours already. ¬†I went into the kitchen where mom was¬†baking cookies and told her my water broke, she yelled to dad whose response was…give me a bit, I’m almost done with this. ¬†This was at 8:30 in the evening. ¬†We got to the hospital¬†and ¬†they informed me I was dilated to 8. ¬†It wouldn’t be long. ¬†All my family had come along with us¬†and were already in the waiting room to cheer their sister on. ¬†I delivered Zach at 10:47 on September 23, 1980.

He was a beautiful baby boy, 7# 8oz. ¬†He was the sparkle in my dads eye, Dad called him Z guy. ¬†He resembled¬†tweety bird a little, he had such big blue eyes. ¬† ¬†My first-born, we never forget our firsts in anything do we? ¬† Tomorrow my posts will chronicle the adventures of Z, which will keep you in stitches. ¬†I just thought this was a fun story with all the drama of the day. ¬†Nothing simple about me that’s for sure. ¬†do you have a fun story about one of your deliveries? ¬†post it, we would love to hear about it.


Jun 082012


As I was driving home today I began thinking of the journey I have taken in life with my children. ¬†Zachery was my first-born when I was 19 years old. ¬†I was unmarried living with my parents, therefore lots of love and support for both of us. ¬†I met my husband, Dave , when Zach was 9 months old. ¬†It is a funny story. We had known each other in high school but hadn’t seen each other in 4 years or so. ¬†I was at a wedding and ¬†was talking to my husbands date, Sandy Webber, she had a baby shower for Zach and was asking how things were going. ¬†I was telling her how big he was and that he was starting to walk around furniture. ¬†My husband came into the conversation about the time I was telling her he would trip over his ears ( he had huge ears, we would call him wingnut). ¬†Sandy went out to dance and as soon as she left Dave asked me out. ¬†I thought it would be fun, but was still a bit gun-shy, so I suggested that we go on a date with Zach. ¬†Here comes the funny part….Dave asked where I would like to go, I said the zoo. ¬†He asked me if they would let Zach into the Zoo. ¬†¬†I am thinking Dave is a Moron right about now, and I reply ” of course, he loves to chase the ducks.” ¬†He replies, “You let him chase the ducks?”, cause he thinks Zach is a dog. ¬†I reply, “sure, he has never caught one. ” ¬†Our conversation goes on like this for a while, until our dates come back.

Dave called me about 1 week later, still under the impression that Zach is a dog ( I have no idea that is his thought, and am so confused what the zoo issue is.) ¬†He decides we will go on a date to a play, Camelot. ¬†When he comes to pick me up the playpen is hidden behind the door as it opens, my mothers 5 dogs are jumping up on Dave. ¬†With each jump of the dog he asks ¬†“is this Zach?” ¬†finally I shut the door and my precious bouncing, toothless, bald baby boy who is dressed in only a diaper because it is a hot and humid August 6,1981, is drooling over the side of the playpen. ¬†Dave’s face was priceless, and then he told me who or rather what he had thought Zach was.

Once over that obstacle we headed to the play which was at UMD, there are many ways to the college, and Dave took one I was not familiar with. ¬†We got 3/4 of the way to the play and I noticed that he was bringing me along skyline parkway, which is where many couples watched submarine racing (if you know what I mean). ¬†I turned to him and proclaimed ‘ I hope you don’t think I am that kind of date, just because I have a child!” ¬†to which his reply was…. Jaw drop, silence, “Kelly , this is the way I take to UMD” ¬†oops, my bad. ¬†ūüėõ ¬† We went to the brass phoenix after the date and he had a gin gimlet and I had a 7up, I was still breast-feeding. (LOL, I suppose he could have gotten me for false advertising…once I finished nursing I could have easily worn a training bra) ¬†We discussed our life’s dreams, where we had been the last 4 years and where we were heading. ¬†He told me he didn’t kiss goodnight on the first date unless he felt something special and I said good thing cause he would have been slapped. ¬†The evening ended wonderfully and Dave proved to be quite charming. ¬†As he walked me to the door we were still talking and I was not expecting a kiss goodnight. I turned to go in and he took me into his arms and gave me a soft gentle kiss and said he would call tomorrow. ¬†I went inside and headed to my room which I shared with my sister, along with a bed. ¬†My sister had waited up and asked how the date went, I looked at her and said I think he’s the one I am going to marry. ¬†We have been together for 31 years this august 6, and it has been the ride of a lifetime! That’s¬†what I call a Love Story. ¬† Check back tomorrow when I will share a hilarious Zach story.



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