Jun 132012

Sandy and I had many adventures when we lived in Shoreview, one stands out for me more than others.  It was a beautiful January evening, the temps were still cold enough to keep the ice rinks frozen but warm enough to skate without a jacket.  (at least for me, Sandy hunkered down in her scarf, mittens, long underwear and down jacket…lets not forget the wool socks 😀 )  We decided it would be a great night to take the boys skating, Zach , Logan, Travis  and Chris. ( Sandy’s 3 boys)  We got to the rink and made sure everyone’s skates were properly laced and sent the boys out while Sandy and I gabbed as we put on our skates.

I was lacing up my plastic molded skates,( remember when they were the end all? ) when out of the corner of my eye I noticed a young man sitting at the end of my bench.  When I say young I mean about 17-18 years old.  Sandy got her skates laces up before I did so she rushed out to check on the boys.  I continued lacing my skates, never seem to get them tight enough, when I noticed the young man had inched his way right next to me.  I really didn’t think too much of it ,after all we were now the only two in the shack.  I just assumed he was like me and was a people person, always ready to make conversation.  He talked to me about the weather and how beautiful it was, I told him this is the kind of weather I liked taking long walks in. ( a light snow was falling)  Our conversation continued with small talk for about 10 minutes, and then the strangest thing happened….. He asked me which school I went to.  Oh my, I was flattered but also embarrassed.  My reply was ” I go to the school of life.”  He didn’t quite understand, he asked where that was because he wasn’t familiar with it. I nearly died as Sandy walked into the warming shack to see what was taking me, and I was sitting there telling this teenage boy who was asking me for a date that I was married with two children. If I could have taken away his embarrassment I certainly would have.  So here is the clincher,  as we left the rink, he left at the same time.  We took a left out of the lot, he followed.  I took a right onto county rd E , so did he.  I took a right onto victoria street, again he did as well.  I started to panic that he was following me.  As I approached my apt building I put my blinker on to turn left into the lot and he put his blinker on, to turn right into his driveway.  Turns out, he lived right across the road from my apt.  Made for many uncomfortable waves , but never a word exchanged between us again.

Now at the beginning of the story I said it stood out more than others, do you suppose that is because it stroked my ego?  I’m betting it is, Sandy had to remind me the boys were with us.  LOL  Oh and sorry no pictures today, I just didn’t have any that were appropriate so I posted this cartoon.  hope you enjoyed todays post, if you have a great story, I would love for you to post it in the comment.  Have a great day!

Young ice skater girl. Funny cartoon and vector character. Stock Photo - Crestock Royalty-Free, Artist: ddraw, Code: 400-04161589

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