Jun 122012

Lets recap, Dave and I met.  Dated and got married in 1986.  I posted the photo for giggles, don’t often look at them any more.  That little lady in the blue dress?  My grandma Ruby, isn’t she adorable? The little guy in the tux was obviously Zachery, I think you can figure out which ones Dave and I are.  🙂

We moved to the Twin Cities and found some friends for Zach, and had a baby girl too… Now you are sorta up to date.  We were able to stay in Shoreview for 2 years, until the match.  “The Match” is something that med students either look forward to or dread.  Here is how it works. The Medical student goes and interviews for internships at a number of hospitals across the country.  You rank them and they rank you.  If your number 2 choice ranks you number 1 on their list, you won’t be going there.  You have to match rankings.  Dave’s number 5 choice matched him with a 5 so …. well Im jumping ahead of myself.  As I said, you either look forward to it or you dread it.  I was looking forward to it.  I had been praying that we would stay in the twin cities area, close to home.  I told God it was all I would accept as an answer.  So I knew where we were going, I even had confirmation…I found out I was pregnant the night before match, it had to be a sign.  Remember that old analogy?  If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans?

We got to the great auditorium on the U of M campus, and waited patiently as they called off the med students names one by one.  Dave went up and got his envelope, and being the wonderful husband he was, he let me open it.  I can still see the paper floating to the ground as I fell into the seat.  I looked up and said “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!”  Dave looked at me helplessly and said, “you know I didn’t get a choice.”  My reply was, ” I wasn’t talking to you!”  You got it, we were not staying in the twin cities, we weren’t even staying in the midwest.  Our new home would be Hershey, PA.


This added a few other problems to the mix.  Zach had asked if Dave would adopt him, his father had not been an active part of his life for quite a few years.  So we went through the adoption, Zach’s biological father signed his rights away without issue.  We were so excited, one big happy family and it was official.  We threw a small party for Zach and his friends.  We ordered out for pizza and while we were waiting for the delivery, Zach said he wanted to go get a movie.  Dave was more than happy to oblige, after all, he was beaming with pride that this was HIS SON!  On their way out to the car, one of the other tenants in the complex approached Dave and asked if this was his son….. He said “Yes He Is,” his chest all puffed up with pride.  The Man then said, “Well our son threw gum in my daughters beautiful long hair while on the school bus,and now we had no choice but to cut it all of.”  Dave didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  But what he did do, made all the difference to how Zach would remember that day.  He went and got a movie, we enjoyed pizza with a bunch of his friends.  The next day we talked to Zach about the gum issue, some things just have to wait.

Have a great day! if you have a fun kid story, I would love to hear it.



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    I’m awesome.


    LOL! How old was Zach when this happened?

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