Dec 122011

I have been amazed at the continued giving that is associated with quilters.

We huddle around tables with our sewing machines buzzing making quilts our families and friends may never see. Many of the quilts will go to project linus, others to quilts of valor, while many others will be donated to various fund raisers and charities or people in need.

Yes, quilters are a rare breed.  Hearts too big for their bodies.  Often you will find finger that are ridden with arthritis, crooked and painful, yet working tirelessly to finish a gift they will never be thanked for.  No one will be able to put a face to the quilt, selflessly and sacrificially done to do our part in a broken world.  To send off to a soldier or their family, a victim of a fire, a cancer patient, a gift of love.

My dear friend Therese Jordan is one of those selfless quilters.

You will find her always lending a helping hand.  Recently I had the pleasure of quilting a work of art that she had designed.  It was to be donated to a sled dog race in Massachusetts.   She is a champion of quilting for quilts of valor, project linus and many other charities.  I was so impressed with this work of art I thought I would display it on the blog and if she was kind enough to post a comment tell you a bit about it.  If you are interested in donating to one of the charities listed above, contact me and I can help you get started.

If you are a new quilter, this is great practice.

A special Thank You to all of you quilters who give your time so willingly.

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