Jun 162012

In honor of fathers day, I wanted to post some great photos of my Dad, My brothers, my Husband, and my son who have all been such wonderful examples to their children. I love all of you so very much.  Leave a comment if you have a memory associated with one of the photos.  And Happy Fathers Day!

Thinking of you today DAD!



What a beautiful family … if I do say so myself

have we changed?

a Fathers Love







just shooting the breese

This picture was taken on Fathers Day!








Trisha saying goodbye to papa, precious picture!



papa with Justin and David





Sami with Papa and Gamma

Dad had no idea what greg was up to… LOL

I still remember this day, sledding at the Duluth Zoo

Papa loved Tylers piano skills and was so proud of him!

this is one of Davids Babies…I think


Greg, Justin, Joshua, Ethan and Papa


These were such great times in our lives, they certainly did go by quickly,  almost a blurr in time.  But they will forever stay in our hearts.









Papa so adored Becca


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