Jan 282012

I have noticed that most of my friends do the majority of their quilting in the winter months and then do their gardening in the spring, summer and fall.  This is a fairly common practice as the weather gets warmer we really don’t want to be indoors.  I always find the rain a welcome friend during those months.  The rain feeds our flowers and shrubs, and gives me an opportunity to sit and relax at my machine.

This winter has been highly unusual however.  In Duluth, we have had record highs for the month of January. It was not uncommon this year to have the temperature hit in the 40’s.  The normal temperature would have been sub below zero with windchills in the -40.

So with the weather taking a strange twist, what time is it for you?  I have relatives down south who are experiencing harsher weather than we are.  I would love to hear what you are doing this time of the year.  If you have a special project send me a photo via email or post it on the reply section.  We would all love to see what you are up to, perhaps it will inspire our readers.  If you have a question, leave it.  I am always happy to give an answer. If I don’t know it I will research it for you.  So tell me, What time is it for you?  Are you spending time outdoors, or are you working on a special project?

With abnormally warm temps, my son tyler and friend Aaron spend an afternoon walking the boardwalk in a measly sweatshirt.

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