Apr 252012

Today started really well.  I worked out on the treadmill for 75 minutes,lifted weights and did some basic exercises.  I loaded a quilt onto my new long arm and went to visit my mom.

These visits are always interesting and occur at the American Legion in West Duluth.  My mom has regularly frequented the “Legion” for so many years,   I don’t think I could tell you how many.  She and my dad were the first two bar stools as you walked in.  The photo to the right is the view you would see as you walked in.  I always like to sit at dads stool whenever  I visit with mom.  I never dreamt that I would look forward to going to the Legion but they pour me my regular ( pepsi max on the rocks with cherry juice :),  I take my seat next to mom and watch as she harasses the poor bar-keep Daryl, and it has become familiar.  Now and then we will play pull tabs, but always we visit with the regulars.

Today was a little different than usual, I walked in the door and someone was sitting in dads stool…. I mean give me a break, he’s only been gone for 3 years.  Everyone knows its dads stool, how dare someone sit there.  Oh, I suppose you think I am over-reacting…maybe thats where Sami and Amy get their extraodinary knack for drama, Nah.

At first I was irritated, but then I started talking to Butch, the man who was sitting in my fathers stool!  He was such a sweetheart, He was there with his wife and daughter.  I actually think my mom got a little jealous, she kept commenting on how I was there to visit her.  Butch and I talked about politics, golf, Kansas City, Alabama, Milwaukee, Alligators, snakes and Crocodiles.  Yes indeed, we talked about everything.  He had known my dad, and he and his wife said how much they loved him.  So yes, I was softening up to the idea of dads seat being taken by Butch.

When time came to leave I shook butch’s hand, hugged his wife and daughter , and then it happened.  The Long Minnesota Goodbye.  I started to talk to his wife Elsie and his daughter and they told me that Butch had recently gotten some bad news.  His oncologist had given him a year to live.  This hit me rather hard.  When Dave and I lived in Hershey Pa, we had made the decision to move home due to my dads illness and a poor prognosis.  Long story short, dad went on to live 19 more years.  I always thought (in the back of my mind) maybe dad put his doc up to giving a poor prognosis to get us back home.  Lets get back to Butch… I told his daughter that I would pray for him and then I gave Butch a huge hug and told him that I would be praying.  I started walking out the door and stopped just before I got to my car.  I turned around and headed back in and took Butch and his daughter outside and prayed for Butch right then in the parking lot.

I am always saddened when I hear a time limit put on a patient.  My dad was told he had 3-6 months 3 years before he passed away.  He was told he might have a year and then went on to live another 19 when we lived in Hershey.  I feel they need to prepare, yet they shouldn’t give up.  There is still so much life to live.  I write about Butch today and ask that you say a prayer for him.  pray for healing, pray for strength, pray for peace, pray for anything that God puts on your heart, but please pray.  And while you are at it, pray for your family, friends, and loved ones.  There are so many hurting people out there, you have no idea the impact you can have through a good, kind word.  a gentle touch.  a prayer lifted up.  Don’t wait until it hits close to home, start impacting our world today, reach out to a friend, family member, stranger.  You won’t be sorry you did, you will feel blessed.

I thought you would like to see a photo of dad and I sitting in those stools.  No the Legion will not be the same without him, but life goes on and today I met a man worthy to sit in dads stool.

Have a great evening and tomorrow, do something that will make a difference.


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    You are such a special woman, Kelly. I’m blessed to have met you! Many hugs,



    Gail, you are too sweet, I am blessed to know you! I miss you!
    Kelly <3


    So sweet and thoughtful, Kelly! I will be sure to keep Butch and his family in my prayers. 🙂


      thank you keely, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all prayed and cared for each other? I think that is my new mantra 🙂

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